Musings of a solo traveler part 2


This is part 2 of my musings of a traveler, which are just random thoughts and feelings converted to words. You can read part 1 on my profile! :).Thank you in advance for reading 

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Let yourself be a little bit lost. Because you don’t get found by staying comfortable. You don’t get found by running away. You don’t get found by fighting your deepest impulses and you definitely don’t get found by hiding out. You get found by doing exactly what it is that you are doing right now – which is delving right into the heart of your life and fighting like hell for what matters.

If you’re never lost you never get found.

And you’re the kind of person worth searching for.

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Nobody likes to fail. We’re always told to be our best, to do our best, to succeed. But sometimes you have to fail to realize how much harder you need to work. Its OK ok to fail. There's nothing wrong with it, and there's definitely nothing wrong with you! If you succeeded at everything all the time, how would you know where to improve? How would you know you were any good? Failure isn’t always about you, and most of the time it just means you should work a little harder or a bit differently. Failure is just a chance to reboot yourself. Don't worry, you’ll get there eventually.

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Breathe! Deeply! Breathe .. Not because it's necessary to breathe in order to live .. But breathe to take in the fragrance around you (but don't breathe too deeply if it stinks around you :p ). Breathe when you've achieved what you always wanted to .. Breathe with a smile. Breathe when u fail this let it go .. Breathe again to learn from your mistakes and start a new chapter. Breathe when you're done crying and have no more tears to shed, and get up from what broke you, into a more stronger person than before. Breathe to feel the exhilaration of the one thing that makes you happy. Breathe in ecstasy & happiness. Just breathe in and let it all out. Let go of the toxic words of others, the negative thoughts, the fear, the rejections, the inhibitions, even the wrong people who left you because that's what they were - Wrong for you, your heart, your sanity. They left. You didn't! So its their loss not yours! You're worth the best of what's out there. So breathe to believe in you.. Just you!

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Travel, breathe in, breathe out, take in the view, the surroundings, feel the lightening of the pain, let your sorrows fade away, smile, laugh at yourself, your past mistakes, your stupidities, heave a sigh of relief that you're here now, enjoy and repeat ;)