Must Haves when you are travelling


If you are travelling to mountains or high altitude, apart from carrying warm clothing, below are a few must haves

- Always carry a bar of chocolate, it helps if you have any kind of breathing problem

- Keep some camphor wrapped in a cloth and smell it if you feel uneasy

- Carry an umbrella or a windcheater as it rains often if you are near snowcapped regions

- Carry some snacks and food can be hard to find

- Write down any map directions or save them offline as network is often an issue

- Carry a pocket torch and a sharp object like a swiss knife

- Extra socks

- It is also best to dress in layers as you can adjust as per the changing weather conditions

If you are travelling to sea beaches or tropical regions

- Cannot stress enough on Sunscreen & swimwear

- Buy a cheap hat if you are staying more than 3-4 days

- Carry a stole or a light cloth to wrap around your body to avoid tanning

- Atleast 2 pairs of flipflops as that is all you would wear if you are at a beach

- Small water 500 ml bottles and once you have finished the water do not throw them, it can act as a buoyancy equipment if tied to your clothes and can help you float in a water body if you are in a dire situation

- Wet Wipes and a bottle of body mist do come in handy many a times

Most of all pack light and do not forget to carry a fully charged camera along with a flashy sunglass for beautiful memories.