Packing tips for holiday

18th Apr 2019
Photo of Packing tips for holiday by Payel

Packing for travel or holiday is an over-boosting phrase in my consideration especially to those, for whom, the brain cells can only get stronger, when they step out to the beautiful, pear shaped but kaleidoscopic inside world. Hence, packing before going for a holiday is a very very dominant factor, if done correctly you are all sorted throughout your tour, but if not, well, what can I say, It can be like having a warm bear under the toasty sun!

Well let's not think about the 'Oh No!' part, the glass should always be half full and ready to drink right? Talking about me, I am a forcefully turned into a well mannered packer, thanks to my Mommy for this of course! So let me share some useful packing tips with you, so you can think of other far important things while on a holiday.

A. It's a lot of stress to think then re-think again and again as to what all to pack before every vacation, hence the utmost important suggestion would be make a LIST. So, whenever you are packing, you just have to run, re-run the same list again and again, and it's super simple. You can't miss a thing. You know what? Just like first impression is the last, same way, a planned packing indicates a happy holiday.

A. As I Travel alone, let me share my own packing strategies with you, and accordingly couples, families can list out their necessities, only exception will be mothers who are travelling with their cute & tiny toothless cubs, they wont need MY advise at least.

B. Size of Travel Bag(s): Being a solo-traveller, It's very important for me to decide on the number of bags to be carried. Please carry as much as you can manage easily by yourself. Like if it's a week long trip or more for sure I will take a small/ medium size suitcase and a backpack. I always carry only 2 piece of baggage at the most, otherwise I won't be able to handle them and it's stressful.

C. Now filling your suitcase up. Also going back to the listing as well. Divide your packing into some category, like cloths, daily necessities, bath essentials etc.

i. Lets talk about easy one first. Clothing. You know where you are going and what the temperature will be like, if there is any social restriction (a little research on internet may help), accordingly plan the type of clothes to be carried. In all these make sure to chose comfortable clothes, which is very important. If the tour is more of religious purpose, of-course cloths have to be more skin wrapping and if its beach just get your best swimsuits and sundresses etc. Also, when packing clothes, don't just think of only daily activities you will go for, we also need some casual inside the house wear, socks, inner wear etc.

ii. Next is other essentials. For this, think of all the things you do from morning till going to bed at night, and accordingly start listing, like brush, toothpaste, toiletries, towel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, sunscreen, moisturizer, lip gloss, make up, deodorant, face-wash and all that. Every person may have different requirements when it comes to packing their needs. Now one thing to mention, once you done with the list, start taking the shampoo/ Conditioner/ Body lotion/ Creams etc in a small containers (this will save a lot of space and easy to carry) or now a days there are miniature packs available in the market or do a little youtube search for more ideas (easy packing hacks/ easy packing for holidays-- such search engines may help). ** Did you see I mention towel, if you are a hygiene freak like me, do carry your own towel and slippers.

iii. I also tend to carry small packets of liquid wash/ detergent, few cloth clips, extra safety pins, bandage, extra slippers/ sneakers (either one of them), rubber bands, a torch at times, some news paper, some plastic bags or shopping bags (just dump them at the from pocket of my suitcase), my required medicines and sometimes some extras like for fever, cold, stomach upset, even electral powder for dehydration, pain relief spray etc. *** For Ladies, doesn't matter if your monthly cycle is due or not, do carry some tampon/ pad for just in case.

iv. Coming to backpack part. Apart form the laptop, camera, sanitizer, hanky, pocket tissue, pen and a note book, a story book or kindle, I also keep a lot of space for my another favourite necessity, food. If there is a long layover I tend to carry some home made dry food (like sandwiches, Paratha rolls, you do it right!), though airports/station has good food courts, but better to have some thing with you. I also carry dry food like biscuits, dry roasted nuts, energy bars, fruits (if possible). Also whenever I am going for sightseeing, I tend to keep a pack of biscuits in my bag and I also prefer my ecological sipper bottle to carry water.

v. Another important thing, even after making the list, there are couple of things which are left for last moment because we can't keep them packed inside the bag as we need it anytime. Which is of course phone, charger, some foods which is kept inside the refrigerator, water bottle, house keys etc. For all these, I keep a small note on the fridge or somewhere easily noticeable, and that's how I can't forget any of those can't live without things.

vi. I am not saying anything about flight ticket/ train ticket/ passports/ I card/ print out of travel plan etc, because you know you won't be allowed inside the airport or to board the train without them right?? It's so child like even if i talk about them... I know!!

That's my way of packing for holidays. Hope these way too elaborate tips were helpful, do share your packing tricks or traumas with me, I would love to know about them.