Travel Warning: Red Flags You Need To Be Aware of While Flying With SpiceJet Airways. 


Thefts in Flights is something we've all been hearing about from most of our fellow mates or over the new, and yet the government has been unable to pin responsibility for hundreds of cases of baggage theft reported around the country each year, by the airline.

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My father and youngest sister travelled from Bagdogra to Jaipur via Delhi, by Spice Jet Airways on August 1,2021. Post Covid-19, travel by air is way more safe, as the Airlines are making sure to take of all the protocols that need to be followed, and thus, my father and my sister were compelled to take flight from Bagdogra to Jaipur via Delhi, in Flight Number: SG8199 & SG2980.

Check-in Luggage is as dangerous as pick-pocketing.

The basic procedure at any Airport is, before we board our flight we have to pass our Check-in luggage for checking so that it meets the terms and conditions as given by the Airlines while we book our tickets, and at the destination Airport we receive the luggage back and we do expect it to be in the same condition, as it was given while check-in.

Why we feel Check-in luggage is safer?

We feel more secure with Check-in Luggage as the Airline Authorities promise about the safety is every aspect, due to which we keep in our most valuable items inside the check-in luggage, including some extra cash in case of emergency as well.

My father is a person who has the habit of carrying some extra cash every time he travels, via flight as he is person who doesn't use Debit/Credit Cards more often; he is a person who believes in always carrying in-hand cash, and thus had some cash in his check-in luggage.

Promises SpiceJet Airways displays.

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Normally, before we book our flight tickets we do go through the airlines website in order to check for their services and the rules and regulations that we as passengers need to follow.

The SpiceJet Airways promises, to follow every norm in a professional manner, but indeed I would have to say they don't follow any of it, that's mentioned on their website.

How SpiceJet Airways Flick from Check-in Baggage.

As I mentioned above, my dad isn't a person who uses Debit/Credit cards, and believes in carrying cash, and thus, had carried cash in nearly 5-6 envelopes with 2000 rupees and 500 rupees notes in it, and the worst part is they've slit my Dad's baggage so professionally and flicked the money from the envelope and replaced the same envelopes with 20 rupee notes each and closed the baggage in such a manner that they weren't able to figure this issue out until they reached the Hotel in Delhi.

Did we try reaching out to the Authorities?

Of course, it's bound to happen that when you hit the panic button the first thing we do is try reaching out to the Airline and Airport Authorities.

But, SpiceJet Airways behaved very irresponsible without not answering our calls nor even trying to help us with the issue, and all of their helplines are not answerable. What's the whole point of promising passengers with all the fancy captions on the website, if they are not answerable when the passenger has faced an issue and when they are at fault?

Delhi Airport Authority has to kindly look into this issue and the incident did take place in there, because it's the thief who knows what is stolen and why it was stolen and when and how it was stolen, and we as passengers are not permanent staff members in there. Thus, the SpiceJet Airlines as well as the Delhi Airport Authority need to check on the permanent staff members, so that no other person falls victim.

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