These Reel Life Locations Are Too Good To Be True!


How often is it that you get so engrossed and immersed in a movie that you teleport yourself to a far away fairyland that seems to be out of this world!!

Stunning locations, a gripping storyline, and creative minds can make an ordinary location seem unreal giving you some major globetrotting cravings.

It is quite usual to see movies shot in some iconic destinations and locations around the world, but what amazes me the most is the creativity that goes behind completely transforming a location into some imaginary wonderland and making the audience believe it exists for real. The innovative yet so real names of such locations make it sound just like any other.

Below are some movie locations in reel life that made me forget my real life and had me Google them to put on my bucket-list! And to my little disappointment, they don’t exist in real life, alas! :(

These reel locations had me reading more about them, and the actual geographical locations are now on my bucket-list with a hope to visit them and experience some of the wonderland-movie-magic soon.

Aldovia from A Christmas Prince

A big sucker for Christmas and romance, A Christmas Prince popped on my suggested list of Netflix movies and had me hooked with the christmas decorations, royalty, and a visibly-in-love couple on the movie window!

The story revolves around a journalist sent abroad to get a scoop on the Royal Prince next in line to the throne. But what appealed more to me was the picturesque setting the movie was shot in.

The Kingdom of Aldovia can definitely have you wanting to spend some cozy winters in the Royal Palace of Aldovia. A typical European castle set across a gorgeous backdrop of snow-clad mountains with the warm morning sun shining down making everything glow quickly whisks you off to the fairytale land that it is. Going further through the plot are seen some beautiful pine forests all completely covered with snow and some sledding fun time. The castle is also shown to have some deep dark dungeons as are revealed in the sequels.

All this for the Kingdom of Aldovia is in fact the Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania, and is now a popular location for the filming of various movies and also a big tourist destination.

Photo of These Reel Life Locations Are Too Good To Be True! 1/6 by Rasika Tamhane
Royal Palace of Aldovia

Sapphire Cove from This Little Love of Mine

An easy-breezy love story between childhood friends drifted apart now coming together over some corporate business and falling in love all over again is the primary storyline.

Set against a pristine backdrop of glistening waters, shining sand and clear blue sky, Sapphire Cove Island depicted the movie is sure to give you the tropical summer vibes. With adventure activities such as snorkelling, fishing and horseback riding on the beach, this movie will leave you wanting a holiday on the beach.

The movie also shows a pretty silly game called the Coconut Toss where coconuts are placed on posts and have to be dislodged by aiming from a distance. The game also gives out beach-y vibes that all scream holiday!!

The storyline is set to be in California with San Francisco being the corporate hub while the remote island being an island off the coast of the state. While Sapphire Cove Island is completely reel, the actual movie was filmed in Far North Queensland, Palm Cove, Australia, far too away from the intended location which is also quite a popular tourist destination.

Photo of These Reel Life Locations Are Too Good To Be True! 2/6 by Rasika Tamhane
Resort @ Sapphire Cove
Photo of These Reel Life Locations Are Too Good To Be True! 3/6 by Rasika Tamhane
Coconut Toss still from This Little Love of Mine

Portorosso from Luca

The Disney Pixar animated film Luca is all about the beautiful Italian coastline and the folklore of the locals and some super cute animated characters called the sea-monsters

Portorosso, a tiny rocky seaside town in the French Riviera, is a beautiful place with cliffs and cobbled streets, central Piazza with fountain, Vespas running all around and some tempting Pesto. Portorosso also has an annual competition that includes swimming, eating pasta and cycling where the participants compete for the prestigious Portorosso Cup.

Portorosso has a colourful townscape and has typical activities happening around the streets - people selling fresh fruits, women doing laundry, men hustling around with work - things you would usually see on a random day in the Italian Riviera.

With such amazing Italian vibes, you just cannot help but think of booking your next holiday to this pretty Italian seaside town of Portorosso, but only if it existed for real!! A large amount of inspiration to bring to life the town of Portorosso is drawn from the director Enrico Casarosa’s childhood memories of growing up in the Italian small towns.

Portofino and Cinque Terra are the two major sources that Portorosso is born from. The movie manages to capture perfectly the charm of these beautiful towns of the Riviera and make it further captivating to the audience by adorable animations.

Photo of These Reel Life Locations Are Too Good To Be True! 4/6 by Rasika Tamhane
Portorosso from Luca

Arendelle from Frozen II

The Walt Disney classic Frozen along with its sequel that needs no introduction shows the Kingdom of Arendelle, a place that gripped the audience and kept them captivated. Although fictitious, Arendelle, with the icy woods, the Viking construction style, draws it name from the Norwegian town of Arendal.

However, the Disney animated movie draws its inspiration from multiple geographical locations around the area. The landscapes - the waterways, the mountains, the steep cliffs - all are pretty similar to the actual landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords, while the architecture, cityscapes and the buildings resemble the cities of Bergen and Oslo.

This beautiful country of Norway has panoramic views to offer, and Frozen is sure to tempt you to put it on your bucketlist and experience the slice of heaven that it is.

Photo of These Reel Life Locations Are Too Good To Be True! 5/6 by Rasika Tamhane
Arendelle Kingdom

Silverpine Inn from Christmas Made to Order

Nestled in the middle of snow capped mountains and deep pine forests, this cozy little inn steals the show in the movie Christmas made to Order. Beautifully decorated by Gretchen, the lead character, every year for Christmas, this pretty place has cozy cabins for lodging and some interesting activities like making apple cider for the locals to participate. The movie also shows the owner, Aunt Lindsay, offering her guests a complimentary bottle of homemade apple cider and signature chocolates.

The inn location draws it inspiration from the snowy state of Alaska, although would you be smitten by the place, you would want to look up Alaskan Inn, Utah to book your stay here!!

Photo of These Reel Life Locations Are Too Good To Be True! 6/6 by Rasika Tamhane
Silverpine Inn from Christmas Made to Order

Now, with the world facing a pandemic, and stuck with travel restrictions, what better way to satisfy your wanderlust than watching movies that can teleport you to a magical world of beauty and peace!

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