Quarantine Curation (Part 1) : Hindi Feel-good Movies to keep you going!

29th Apr 2020
Photo of Quarantine Curation (Part 1) : Hindi Feel-good Movies to keep you going! by Jyotsna Katiyar

Apart from travelling, content is something that can really suck-me-in and during this period of lockdown I thought we all could use some positivity thrown at us by these amazing movies. Hope you enjoy these with your loved ones or just alone hogging on some snacks ;). Leave comments/feedbacks on how did you like the movies.
We have some off-beat or "not-so-famous" ones in the top list and at the bottom I have mentioned some classics that you mustwatch and if already seen you can for sure enjoy them over and over again (atleast I do), no further blabbering let's get into the list.

Photo of Quarantine Curation (Part 1) : Hindi Feel-good Movies to keep you going! by Jyotsna Katiyar

#1 NIL BATTEY SANNATA : It's a heartfelt mother-daughter duo story, will bring you tears but will also leave you motivated. It's very well portrayed and has the best lead characters.

#2 DO DOONI CHAR: This rollercoaster ride brings to you some of the best performances and characters. Reflecting the struggles and thought process of a professor supporting his middle class family.

#3 BARFI : This one is my all time favourite, the character portrayal by Priyanka, Ranbir and everybody else is the standalone reason to check this movie out. Apart from that an intriguing storyline makes it a perfect watch.

#4 DUM LAGA K HAISHA: Placed in a small town it's a love story from a different angle with all the characters bringing you giggles every now and then.

#5 DOR: A fantastic story straight out of Rajasthan, the perfect cast pick for all the strong characters makes it a must watch if you are interested in non-commercial cinema.

#6 Jolly LLB: A courtroom drama giving hints towards an actual very controversial case, starring Arshad Warsi as the lead will give the right mix of comedy and pinch of privilege guilt.

#7 Vicky Donor: The great debut movie of Ayushmann Khurrana is a light romantic comedy that will leave you smiling for sure.

#8 QUEEN: A very light-hearted story of how a person should learn to love themselves first, it's a classic drama with tints of comedy and will leave you with thoughts.

#9 ENGLISH VINGLISH: Portrayal of a homemaker bouncing back after losing her identity is just heartwarming and holds a very important lesson for our society.

#10 THE LUNCHBOX: Another non-commercial movie reflecting a couple sharing very nice and out of the box healthy relationship has the potential to jazz you up with the refreshing performances on screen.

#11 PAHELI: Now that we are on out of the box relationships on our list, this one is a Rani Mukherjee and Shahrukh Khan movie which betrays the common bollywood masala and brings to you a very different angle.

#12 WAKE UP SID: Tale of a privileged guy struggling to find his calling and his friends and family helping him around other than having their own very strong characters and stories is something to keep you entertained and motivated.

#13 TAMASHA: I am a big sellout for this movie, I still can't believe people hated it on screen but the list would have been incomplete without this one. A poetic illustration of well written/researched characters, lost somewhere, in parts self-destructive as well and how they find their ground is a thought provoking process and is a MUST WATCH with some deepest of dialogues and poetry here and there.

#14 JAANE TU YA JAANE NA: This very cute and well written love story is for sure to leave you with butterflies.

#15 SWADES: Rather addressing a heavy topic of brain drain in our country the movie still manages to take it up with a light comedy-drama. It has one of the best performances from Shahrukh Khan, it also takes up some of the issues in rural India which makes it more real, thought provoking and attention grabbing.

#16 HINDI MEDIUM: Taking a stand on our difficult and corrupt education system the movie brings to you numerous lessons packed in amazing performances and laughter.

#17 GOL MAAL (1979)
#20 CHACHI 420
If you are fascinated with the idea of Classic Comedies you for sure should check out the above mentioned 5 and I promise it will make you laugh untill you cry.

#22 DEAR ZINDAGI: Story of 20 something year olds struggling with life and career is something we all can relate with and watching it on a big screen gives us the confidence of we are not in this alone.

#23 ROCK ON: Another college reunion drama movie with some amazing songs and emotional rollercoaster will have your heart in no time.

#24 SAAND KI AANKH: A very recent movie or more of a tribute to the real life duo of "Shooter Dadi", takes a pick on patriarchal society and how they work their way around it. It has some amazing screenplay and a story to be heard.

#25 THE SKY IS PINK: Real life story of Aisha Choudhary and that of people around her for sure does not end on a great note but leaves you with greater thoughts about life, with all the cast bringing to life the characters artfully assigned to them.

#26 DELHI BELLY: Very creative and totally off the bollywood radar is this masterpiece, it is of the minority Dark Comedy genre. You can try it if you have a taste for it or want to try something new.

#31 M.S. DHONI
These are some of the most motivational movies that I have come across in bollywood with tints of comedy here and there all these movies teach us to not give up no matter what the situation is.

#32 CHHICHHORE: With a college reunion and flashbacks to college days its the most fun movie dropped in box office in the recent past. Disclaimer: will make you miss your college days and friends like hell.


Photo of Quarantine Curation (Part 1) : Hindi Feel-good Movies to keep you going! by Jyotsna Katiyar

1. DIL CHAHTA HAI : I am sure most of you have watched it but sure can revisit the refreshing piece once again. And if you haven't already please don't miss on this one it's a MUST WATCH.

2 . RANG DE BASANTI: Again, of course majority of you have seen it, it's a full pack of drama, romance, comedy and pain, will leave you into tears but also motivated.

3. ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA: A college reunion story of 3  men, cannot be more complete and relatable than it already is. Also, it will leave you with a travel plan and longing for sure. More lists with content coming up to make us survive through quarantine or normal lazy days.

4. YEH JAWANI HAI DEEWANI: It's a full blown Imtiaz Ali drama with romance travelling and some of the best lessons a movie can send across. PS: Travel junkies are going to love this one.

5. JAB WE MET: Now that we are on the Imtiaz Ali list, this one is a fun filled love story that you can watch for a chill pill. (Very famous for the playful character'Jeet' played by Kareena Kapoor)

6. TAARE ZAMEEN PAR: Another one of Amir Khan masterpiece addressing the very much flawed societal pressure on kids is for sure to take you through up and downs of the lead character "Ishan Avasthi".

7. MUNNA BHAI SERIES: Both movies Munna bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai are hilarious and left everybody in awe of the Munnabhai-Circuit jodi. We for sure wish to see more of this.

8. 3 IDIOTS: Needless to say with a very sensitive issue in hand the movie manages to wrap it up with major laughs and sends so many lessons across.