My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar

29th Dec 2017
Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Hello guys, welcome back.

Here I am with my another adventure story,

Scuba diving @ Murudeshwar.

It was a well planned trip to cover Gokarna and Murudeshwar within the budget around ₹15k per head.

We are about 6 people travelled all the way from Hometown. We took a self driven Car for a 4 day trip.

As planned we booked the slots for diving and all set to leave for a ride.

Day 1

The time was around 3 a.m,

My first ever adventure sport was just a day later..!! I packed my luggage and I was all dreaming it along and fallen to the late night sleep.

I woke up and got a call from Sai Kiran, to g0t ready quickly. I quickly adjusted the bag and was ready in no time. Once again checked the bag and arranged my food in the bag. Soon I moved down to the parking lot saying Bye to Mom and Dad. I got on to Sai Kiran's bike and

O F F W E G O . . .

We moved to Sai Kiran's house along we picked up Akhil by the way and waiting at Sai Kiran's house for the co passengers to arrive with the vehicle,

As Vijay and Srikanth arrived with the vehicle we placed the luggage and went on to pickup Bhanu Teja. As he arrived we made sure of everything needed and started the R.I.D.E

We got the fuel at the station and adjusted all the luggage in alignment, started the drive.

T.I.M.E: 06:35 A.M



Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

We continuously drove till we crossed the state border we left the highway at HUMNABAD crossing and we turned towards GULBARGA. We stopped along the next town to fetch a water can. We discussed about the payments for diving, car, fuel, food. We planned the things about to do. We stopped at some regular intervals to have some drinks, food and to freshup.

We moved through some random villages, we noticed some gaint wind turbines all along the way. They were plenty of them packed randomly along the small hilly forest area. Soon we crossed some bridges as I clicked a snap of it.

On the way

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

As we drive in we saw a suitable place to have the lunch. We moved under the tree shade and had the place ready with food, the varieties of food from every ones home. After that, we clicked some pictures. We saw some tractors decorated as bride and grooms for the marriage.


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Post lunch

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Ta - da

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

after about an hour, we started the drive, and we again noticed the turbines, we moved along the Krishna river, which about 2-3 km bridge. That was an awesome view, riding in the middle having the water at both sides. this was storage of almatti reservoir. We tried to slow down the lane, as the road was conjusted we couldn't stop there. The road in Karnataka are good but mostly dual lanes only.

We swiftly crossed the place and tried to move faster towards the destination. So was the time ticking. It's already evening and we entered the last city in our ride. HUBLI.

T.I.M.E : around 5:00 p.m


The traffic in the city was high because it is the main way for all the travels moving towards Goa. Gokarna and Murudeshwar, and also the new year is three days from now.

It took around 40 minute travel to cross this city, we stopped by a tea point and waited for about 10 minutes. We had some tea, snacks and we started again.

Soon we saw the sunset around the hills, and we now entered the ghat section. We almost completed 600km stretch and we are about 100 km away from the next stop.

We slowly moved in the ghat section as it was only a double lane and the turnings were at the highest risk. We are feeling the altitude hike, as we are moving down towards the sea-level. We stopped at a tea point on the ghat road, we had a good tea there. We had a couple of cups each as of the temperature in the forest is very low. There was a fire beside the stall, so we quickly gathered around and had some more time spent there, the heat from the fire made us to sit for a little more time. We spent around 30 minutes at that place and it's time to move on. . .

In the middle of the forest

Photo of Hubli, Karnataka, India by Vamshi Krishna

Feeling the heat

Photo of Hubli, Karnataka, India by Vamshi Krishna

Soon we crossed the forest and entered the highway lane. We took the left and moving in tandem towards Murudeshwar. As we moved we again came across a very big bridge, this it's not a reservoir it is just couple of km from Arabian sea. Yeah, you hear it right the river is moving into the sea. It's one of my bucket list to watch the river mixup in to the sea.

Along the way we crossed many small rivers and water bodies. As we came close to Murudeshwar, we noticed a name 'KAMATH' being used on every shop, lodge and hotel.

We ignored them, and moved towards the temple road. We entered the lane and moved further. We saw so many people standing alongside the road asking for lodge. We found a place and it's price was less compared to others. We checked in to the room, we placed the luggage in the car, we only took the food, we got in and freshen up one by one. We are really tired of the journey all the day.

Soon we started to eat the food and Vijay went for the sleep. Srikanth and Sai Kiran was interested to near the temple, So was I and Srikanth. We moved further towards the place. Wow that was amazing Rajagopuram.

At the night I can only see the lights placed on each floor.

We knew that the temple tower was 20 floored one.

By the bay

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

As we come nearer to the ocean, we can see the view of Idol of Shiva along side the Gopuram and surrounding of water around the temple.

I was astonished to see that waters. As it was my first experience near the sea. The vibe was like that. I noticed the beaches were full of white sand and the water coming towards them. I wish I was there, we enjoyed the location and moved back to the lodge, We went to some of the hotels on the way, to enquire about the food, the hotels only had fish items at that time and the place was not hygienic even. So we skipped the place and moved to the lodge quickly as we were already tired and we had a big day tomorrow, all the people were slept already, I we silently moved to the bed and lay there soon moving to the deep sleep.

A D V E N T U R E A W A I T S. . .

Day 2

" W A K E U P "

Screamed Akhil, "we are running out of time" as it was already 6 a.m. we got up quickly as it was only one attached toilet, we had to make it quickly. we don't wanna miss the opportunity. We almost got ready by 7 a.m. . We got 3 sockets in the room so the phone charging was a difficulty. As I kept the cable to my mobile, "Let's go to the temple" said Bhanu.

We got about an hour for the scuba, so we can quickly move to the temple and have darshanam. As we reached the temple area, the parking space is conjusted, we took our time in parking the car.

As I turned around, I can figure the big Rajagopuram, almost touching the sky. I was amazed watching it. The night when we saw it, we can't figure out its height and due to the bad light we were not keen about observing it. But now, it was a big Wow.

Sky high

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

we moved into the temple and are about to enter the shrine, we got a call from West coast adventures, to come to the boat. We quickly grabbed a couple of snaps, had a groupie..

Smile ????

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Om Namah Shivaaya

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

We moved back to the room, got changed into tshirt and shorts, took all the mobiles, power banks. Came back to the temple and parked the vehicle. We called the guy and asked about the location. As saikiran said "Is he not spoofing with us", as he is not lifting the call, we went on to the beach area, ate some idly we had only a 2 idly each because we need to get in to the water. Soon the guy called back and intimated us about the boat. We soon moved to him, already all the people are waiting for us, we are the last batch to come he replied.

We boarded the boat and settled down, while I clicked the whole scenario of the temple. Soon they handed over the life jacket. The boat was looking like an ordinary fishing boat, for which they added a couple of rooftops and some chairs fixed to it. We felt like "Do we really need to go in it"


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Blue all the way

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Soon one of them started to greet us, and welcomed us to the boat. He then started to introduced his crew to us. We were very exited about the ride. Explained us about the place and depth of the ocean and types of species we can see, "if there is a possibility of luck dolphins and sharks can also be seen" quoted that guy.They handed over a couple of papers and said to read the instructions and fill in your details.

We started to fill the form, Name, Mobile no., Place, parents details like that. On the next page there was a list of medical problems and we need to tick the boxes. As the boat started to leave, we filled the forms one by one and gave it back. He said that the scuba diving will be taking place at an island called Netrani, which is about 20 km from murudeshwar. The boat is moving towards the island and we can observe the land vanishing. We can only able to see the gopuram and the idol.

I think we were moving only with 20-25kmph. As the waves are pushing the boat back. It looks like a slow ride. As we were moving, they explained about the equipment, they called all the people one by one and made them to sit with them, explaining about the scuba equipment. It was my turn, as I went to him he greeted me and started to explain about the stuff around. There was an oxygen cylinder, BCD, mask, re-breather.

He asked me to wear the mask and breather to my face, as I did he started the oxygen flow. The mask covers both my eyes and nose. I was unable to breathe with my nose. He asked me to keep the BCD, I can now feel the air from breather and it took some time to settle with that. The equipment was simple but yet very hard to train within minutes. So it took some time for everyone for the practice with breather. The breather was like a mouthpiece, which we need to keep inside mouth and hold tight with the teeth.

He also gave me some signs of contact with the divers.

???? - O.K.

????️ - STOP.

???? - down.

Soon I came back and sat in the seat with others and we were discussing about the boat and it's safety. We were taking some pictures around, Soon we can able to see some island far away, ok after about an hour of ride in the unknown waters we saw a small piece of land. We were exited about the place. As we are getting near to the island I am getting mixed amount of feelings. As we were looking around the boat slowly moved to other side of the island and the anchor is dropped. We were having a glance at the small rock island.

By the sea

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

We will

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

As we keep on seeing the surroundings, the divers quickly had their diving suits and moved in to the water, all the divers were off from the boat in no time. We were waiting for them to appear, as it was the first experience for us underwater, so we were a little bit feared about it. Soon one of the diver came up, climbed the boat and started to settle all the equipment, these divers went to examine the location for the safety, as they also warned us that if the conditions are not familiar to dive then the schedule wraps up to the next day. Soon we were relaxed that we can dive today, and the trip can be held as planned.

Firstly they took some other people for the diving and he intimated us that we will be the next batch. Soon we started sit back and gathered all the mobile in one bag, we were like tossing within ourselves, not go first. As the person called called us, we all were like dumb and getting backward, soon he said that everyone will get the chance but all of can't dive at the same time. Because each diver will accompany only one person and they can't even meet under water. He gave us some confidence and we were still in fear to go in. So we asked him to pick a random person among us. So he checked with the suit size and picked me.

I was stunned for a couple of seconds with his call. "Why . . Me ?" I asked myself. He called me again, I moved forward to him, I was fully tensed about the ride and the guy started to prepare me for the dive. I was sitting away from them and they were seeing all the stuff he is doing to me. He equipped me, tied body weights around my stomach area and I wearer the suit which was connected to the cylinders. then he gave me the mask and soon I was ready for the ride. I then moved closer to the edge and he gave the finns, I weared them and I was ready to jump. My heart was really beating at its highest possible speed, and some amount of fear along with some astonishment, I was taking deep breathe from the BCD, to get to back normal. I was literally feeling inside me "Is it necessary", and I was waiting for the call, while holding the BCD to my mouth as it may come out of the mouth during the flip.

As the diver called, he flipped me over the boat and I was on my way into the waters. As I touched the water, I can feel the coldness, the cylinder weight on my back is trying to drown me deeper into the sea. I can feel the water around me and soon I moved into the water with my mouth closed tight and one of my Finn was let loosened while I was flipping down the boat, as it tucked to the roof.

I wasn't aware of that and I felt like I was drowning into waters, the fear came over, soon my mouth piece was too loosened from my mouth and the salt water came into me and I panicked and called to sign for help emergency ????️.

Soon the diver rushed to me and dragged me over the water, saying me to calm down. I was breathing heavily and told him about the Finn and he replaced them with another pair. He asked me to lie on the water for some time, taking deep breathes. Now I was floating on the water, the cold breeze made me to shiver on the waterbed, he also suggested me not to leave the mouthpiece loose, as it panicked me, I was holding it tight and taking some long breathes,

As I saw the boat, all the people were keenly watching me as it caused them the fear, I felt a little bit of nervous and I closed my eyes. I was now ready, as he asked me I replied ok.

Soon he decreased the pressure from my jacket and we moved a little downward, now I was again started to feel the water in my mouth, soon he asked me to press the button an the BCD and keep the mouth tight, as I did the water flushed out of my mouth with the air,

I felt normal now, I can only hear the sound of my breathe, coming of the cylinder and moving out as bubbles. I was inside the ocean moving like a fish in it. I can see the light and the boat upwards, we are just a feet down in the water,

The diver asked me to closed my mouth, nose and breathe out the air, as I did my found my ears poped out, this is the way to settle the ears with the underwater pressure. As we moved down, I did it regularly to avoid the pain in ears. I was looking around the water in search of fish but I found none.

Now I can't see any light from the top, and it started to become blue-er as we moved down, I noticed some fish down there, it was blue coloured, oval shaped with yellow wings, shining all the way, it belongs to demiselfish family.

I was feeling much better now, there was no point of scare in me, as it was only about happiness watching the underwater treasure right down there.

Yeah it will the most precious treasure for me, has it was a once in lifetime experience.

Woo hoo

Photo of Netrani Island, Karnataka by Vamshi Krishna

Sooner we went a little more deeper, I can see a large variety of fishes down there. Parrotfish, They were swimming in groups and moving through me, wow it was such an amazing experience. I can now feel the fish moving around me, I even tried to catch some of them but, they were too faster than me.

I was keenly observing the surroundings, there were very big stones, coral reefs I tried to move closer to them but the diver didn't allowed me to. He caught hold of me with his hand. I was enjoying the view beneath here.

I was staring to the fishes all around me, I never saw this many varieties of fishes, I also saw Nemo (orange white strips), parrotfish, chromis,tigerfish, there were many varieties of fishes around, I can't believe it.

I was wondering about how peaceful I am at that place, beneath the water, near a small island, way far from the land. It was an amazing experience.

U N B E L I E V A B L E . . .

As I was looking around, I was asking the diver to take me more deeper and he did, I am seeing at the rocks, they were not like the one we see on land, it has some texture on it, as all the fungus formed on it, made it look even more beautiful.

Scene ????

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Love it while you do

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

I tried to touch that thing, and I felt it a little hard to my hand and something like fluffy. Soon the guy warned me not to touch them, and moved me away out of its reach. I was now only focusing on the fishes and the reefs down the ground,

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I was observing the reefs on the bottom of the grounds, besides rocks they were looking beautiful from far but I wast able to go them, he kept me away from them as I was trying to touch them.

All of a sudden I saw Sai Kiran came down there, with his diver, soon we punched hands softly ????????, and he gave me a thumbs up ???? and moved away.

There were to be a larger variety of them but we saw only fewer of them. As the other fish were extinct, I was wondering about how peaceful they live here.

I was glaring at them, the colour, the size, every thing in them made me even more happier than ever. The adrenaline rushed through out my veins as I came this far.

We moved further more and there was no fish and the water was also not clear like before, as the island was small only some area before it can withstand the waves and water was clear and the other part dirt flows around and it was blurred compared to previous.

I didn't even noticed that but, the diver has brought a camera with him and all the way clicking the pictures.

Soon I can see the anchor an the ground and a long rope, I tried to catch the rope, I was sure that he was not catching me anymore, I quickly moved towards the rope and hold it with my hand, I tried to drag it but it's too heavy. He left me and started the click some pictures again, I started to pose for them, I left the rope and moved into the water, the pressure made me to settle at that level, I was freely flowing there, I moved a little forward and I flipped around as the cylinder weight was one-sided, I can see some light from the top, and also noticed we were down beneath the boat.

Roped in

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

All the species living down here, different types, colour, structure they all live here in these corals, they were some smaller and some big fish but they live in here together to make us happy, we travel all the way this far just to look at them. They make us happy just by living here. They were such an amazing creatures which helps out all the humans to be happy. We have a lot more things to learn from these creatures.

Now I was lying in the middle of the water, at some deep point, I can only see a couple of divers swimming around, I was frightened at the beginning but now I loved this place, I wanted to be there for more time, but I can't.

As we moved further I can see the fishes vanishing from my sight, I can remember it forever, it was my first and will be my best adventure in my lifetime.

Slowly we moved up towards the boat, in no time I was at the top of the sea and it's over, i will cherish this moment forever.

the thing which panicked me most, is now my most loved thing ever. This is what the nature gives us, this is what it makes us to do. Belief is the only thing helps us to achieve goals.

As I opened out of the water, I can see Vijay and Bhanu swimming in the water, I saw them enjoying there but there is lot more enjoyment beneath under, they looked at me and waved at me. I can't control my emotions as I began to speak a lot to them,

The breezes made me to shiver because I was about 40 minutes under the water and as I came out I was shivering like I was in some polar regions.

Soon I came back to normal, I started to say them everything I saw, I was unable to explain the entire thing but they understood my excitement.

As the diver suggested, I calmed down for a while and we moved nearer to the boat. Soon he helped me remove all the equipment and I was on the boat. Srikanth helped me to climb back to the boat.


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Swim time

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Soon I was back on the boat, I grabbed a towel and moved to the front side and sat on the bow under the sun, the warmth from the sun helped me to overcome the coldness, I sat there wiping my hair as Akhil and Vijay came to me, Vijay sat beside me to feel the sun. As Akhil didn't get into water he was normal, but Vijay and me are shivering.

Soon the staff on the boat called us and said to have some food, Akhil went to them and bought a couple of biscuits and some fruits, I grabbed them and started to eat as I was just tired.


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Race ahead

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Saikiran was back from his ride and came to us, he sat beside us and and started to bite some, we called the Srikanth and Bhanu to come up and eat some food they were looking all good over there, soon they called the next man to go, it was Akhil's turn to go, he just moved there padded up and was ready to dive.

On your mark

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Get set

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

While I moved over to him and clicked some of the pictures, Sai Kiran took the safety jacket and moved into water.

P & C

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Yo down here

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Vj here

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Soon Bhanu to moved into the waters, after him Vijay and Srikanth too joined the party.

I'm ready

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Bhanu and Akhil

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Cheeeku's dab

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Sooner in time Bhanu was back to the top, he came to the boat grabbed his towel and sat beside me wiping his hair, after that saikiran came to us with some more food and we started to eat as we were feeling hungry, As we were talking all the other guys too came back.

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

He is back 'Vj

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Soon the people decided to go back for snorkeling, but I remained back at the top as I don't want to shiver again, Akhil stayed back with me.

What's down there

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

Watch out

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

As the time passed, all the divers came back to the boat and signalling us it's time to go back. We called our ultra talented swimmer who were in the water to come back.

Soon we settled in our seats and we were ready to leave the place. As we moved back, we ate some more food by the journey.

Task accomplished

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna


Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

As I say we were talking and talking about the place, ride and the next fixtures we have to do. Even some people around went to sleep as the return was that booting and we sre hell tired, Soon after about an hour long ride we can see some fishing boats in the ocean here and there. As we were watching we came back to he beach and moved out quickly.

We quickly searched for the local wash areas and had a quick shower, the washrooms in murudeshwar were very untidy, we somehow managed to bath but Bhanu struggled there, he is the guy who always be Mr. OCD in our squad.

Sooner we got freshens up and were about to go to the darshan in the temple, the temple was closed, and it will open in the evening hours, so we again waited for some more time, we came back to our car and were settled all the luggage and took out the diving clothes and threw them all around the car to get them dried.

We locked the car and moved near to the gopuram area. As we came there we can see many people waiting outside for the darshan, we too joined them. As the clock ticked 3 the gates got opened and we were sent in.

T.I.M.E : 3:00 p.m


As soon as the gates opened, the crowed rushed in, we waited for some time and started to move in as we were getting late, we moved inside the gopuram and stood in the line for darshanam, as we moved in we saw there were lifts available to get to the top of the raja gopuram, we too wanted to go to the top but the public around changed our mind, we quickly moved into the temple and had the darshan. The temple was very good to see with great art work with modern designs, and after the darshan we moved to the top of the hill, near the idol of shiva.

As we moved near it has a small museum under the idol, which gives us the history of that place. We were astonished to see this large idol built near the shore, we quickly moved around the idol, we stopped at the backside of the idol, there you go the beauty to see again, wow a whole blue ocean all the way to the end of my sight meeting the skies. The beautiful panorama made my day.

Photo of Murudeshwar Temple, Murdeshwar Temple Main Road, Murdeshwar, Karnataka, India by Vamshi Krishna

We clicked some pictures, and moved down the hill, there we moved across the Shani Dev temple beside main temple premises. We moved in and had a quick darshan and came out. We sat near the grass for a couple of minutes relaxing our feet.

Soon we enquired with the divers west coast adventures for our diving clips and photos. We moved to them and collected the clips, now the adventure task was done and a new one awaits ahead,


As planned we need to move on to Gokarna for the next couple of days.

We started our ride towards the next destination without any delays, we went to west coast adventures for the clips and collected the data and started again.

The distance was about 80kms and the E.T.A was around 2 hours. The way was under construction so it took a little bit of extra time. Soon we crossed a major bridge again in return and we can see the river meeting the sea at farther distance, we wanted to go there but can't find a road nearby, so we moved in.

We saw so many coconut trees on the farther side of the ocean bay, and small farming lands as well. We noticed that there is a waterfalls in that area near a sign board but there is no direction shown on it nor the distance.

As we moved further, we took a left turn towards the Gokarna, we crossed a couple of small villages and we entered Gokarna.

We enquired with the locals about the temple and started to move forward towards the temple, as we approach the roads started to compress, it was very difficult for us to cross that area, it was a single way and the stalls were placed upon the roads, the turns were very very complicated, we somehow managed to escape from that market and moved towards the beach road. We parked the car there and moved to the temple for the darshan.

T.I.M.E : around 7 p.m.


On our way back to the temple we noticed the stalls and the people around, the count of foreigners is equally shared along with the locals. We moved in to the temple, there was such a big queue for the darshan, we waited in the queue for about 1 hour and had the darshan and moved out, we were literally at zero energy and wanted to have the food badly. But we can't even find a single restaurant around.

So we asked a person about the food, he gently told us that we can't find any hotel near temple premises but reminded us about the "Annadaanam", where the temple management serves free food for the devotees, and he showed us the way to it. We started to walk to the place and we waited there for about half an hour, for the place to be opened.

As they opened the doors, all the people around already formed the queue there, so we too joined in there and moved in, the place was very big, we were arranged to sit in line and facing opposite to each other leaving some space between us for the serving people to walk. We quickly had the food and came back to the streets, the food was not bad, but it served our hunger well.

We moved back to the car, noticed the clean beach with reddish sand, it was very very beautiful and silent. We quickly moved into the beach sand and enjoying the place. We moved near the waters, it was an amazing feeling to see such a silent beach in the new year eve days.

This beach was 200% clean, tidy than the beach of MURUDESHWAR.

We bought the carpet and sat on the sand and feeling the cool breeze from the water, the slow sound of the water waves from the ocean and some couple of groups roaming here and there around the beach.

We were discussing about the scuba experience of each other and are really on cloud '9.

In no time we started to feel hungry, as we bought a gas stove and utensils with us, we thought of cooking some food, while Sai Kiran and Srikanth quickly moved to the market and bought some veggies, oil and masala.

Soon we made the arrangement and started to cook the food, we decided to make fried rice, washed the rice and vegetables, and started to cook.

It took around half an hour to cook the rice, as it finished we started the fried rice. As the hunger gone high we were eagerly waiting for the food.

We sat in round and placed it in the middle, started to eat. The taste was good, " saikiran is a good chef he can keep a hotel after the studies" it's the compliment we gave after his food prep.

After eating, we simply sat for a hour and decided to play some games, we played for an hour in the beach, the beach looked beautiful with the increase in the noise of the waves.

we enjoy the place literally, as the time passed, the crowds started to decrease, and the cool breezes from the waters started to come by, it was a beautiful memory to be remembered for life, and even after...!!!

soon we came back near the car, and can see bhanu and akhil were already in the deep sleep, we quietly took the sheets and came by the beach and were searching for the prefect spot to lay down.

we found a place near by the bench, we arranged the sheets and started to rest ourselves, at that moment i was literally was on cloud 9, remembering all the stuff done in the morning.

we discussed our experience about the scuba and started in to the deep sleep early, it was a peaceful night with the water sounds.

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna
Day 3

As I woke up, I can feel the cool breeze coming along and I am like shivering already, we quickly got up and made our way to Om beach.

It was about a 20 ride to the beach.

As we reached the place the traffic was heavy, we quickly parked our vehicle side by and started to move to the beach. as we moved further we reached near the steps and met bhanu's cousins who were returning from that place. They suggested us to go to kuddle beach, which we saw a diversion on the same way.

As we moved further, we climbed down some steps and we came across some wonderful rock cutting in the waters, those were because of the waves hitting them.

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna
Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

we spent a lot of time here and bhanu and vijay shot some viewsand rest of us were randomly enjoying the location.

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

we moved little further and crossed the water to the small beach area, it was named as OM because it looks similar to the symbol OM.

we sat there for sometime and we moved back to kuddle beach.

as we reached there, we parked our car, and started to move down the hill, there are steps built till the beach, it was a nice 3 minute trek down hill, from the greenery.

as we move

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

soon we reached the bottom of the hill and this beach was different from all the beaches it is a tiny place located between to hills, as we entered we fell in love with this place.

mountains on the back and the water in the front, what a place it was, personally it's a private heaven of gokarna.

we quietly walked till the middle of the place and comfortably sat in the sand, we noticed many people stayed the night on the beach by the camp tents, it was the perfect place to stay for the night, even the water was so pure without any dirt.

we quickly grabbed a drink and enjoyed the place, our plan was to just watch the location and need to move on, but the beauty here made us to cancel all the things, we almost spent about 2 hours here.

As we sat there and saw some people playing in the waters, it encouraged us to move into the waters, me and sai kiran soon moved back to the car and bought the towels and sheets.

as we came back we just ran into the water and the water was freaking coool...!!

we enjoyed a lot there, we played some crazy games, tried jumping over the tides and swim.

As the was new year eve, the crowds were starting to come, and while we left the place the traffic, police check everything was very messy. As we were ready to leave for GOA.

As we bought the cooking material with us, we decided to for the lunch, as we passed the gokarna we stopped the next village and bought some chicken and some ingredients for the curry.

we started our journey towards the goa and are looking for perfect spot to cook the food, soon we started to cross many beaches, we stopped by the next village and filled the water can, and washed the chicken as well.

we also had some snacks at that village and we left off, soon we came across some portyard and a naval base too.

As we came near to Goa border we found a road across the road which was an big college near the checkpost.

we parked the car on the road, and took all our wet clothes and put them on the car, found a place in the forest, bought the sheet and spread it, kept all the ingredients on the sheet.

Now we started to divide the work within us, Sai kiran and Akhil started to cut the tomato, onions and mirchi. while i washed the rice and put it on the stove.

while the rice started to cook we all prepared the items for the next dish, as the rice cooked, we kept it aside and saikiran started the chicken, as the curry finished we arranged them ourselves in between us.

the food was brilliant, as we were little bit hungry, it tasted even more delicious.

soon we finished our lunch, we packed the items and are ready to leave, as it was a hot day, even the wet clothes were dried off.

soon we had the Coco cola and rested for a couple of minutes. We started our journey towards the unplanned destination.

Goa it is, as we crossed the border here comes the check post. As we had all the papers, it didn't took too long here, we moved forward and in no time we came across the other check post here we paid them a 100 rupee and they left us.

we drove around a half an hour in the dense forest and we can see the location were beautiful already, as we moved further we noticed small villages, we can see the sun set towards the west by the sea and the drive was a scenic beauty.

coconut trees towards the left and the sun coming down through them and the beaches it was just like WoooWW...!!!

soon we reached the panjim and there were so many churches here it goa, each of them different form the others. we took a left towards the north goa and we crossed the bridge, we can see a lot of casinos by the riverside.

soon we reached north goa, the roads started to thin, we can see a lot of traffic all the way around. for god sake not even a single hotel wasn't free of rooms, every hotel on our way was fully packed.

the time was around 9 p.m and we drove near west goa, we parked the car near a house and started to search the home stays just for a couple of hours.

it's 9:30 p.m. and we drove in to the west goa, crossing the Kingfisher new year event, it was our last try to be, we moved out of the car and started to search that area, while searching we met a person who were leaving for the event. he had a room but it was occupied.

he was so polite and kind to us, he too even called some of his friends about the stays for us, he asked us about our place, trip and all. there was a stay exactly opposite to his house but that guy irritated us so much, he said he wont give it to bachelors.

we even asked that person to talk to the old man, but he was like a dictator, he told us just to go little forward and ask in the next bakery and he left, we moved and enquired with the woman over there, that was not a room actually but it was a portico where they placed the beds.

As we weren't staying here all night, we asked for the price and it was cheap, 200 per person. we got in, bought our clothes and moved in to freshup ourselves, while sai kiran and vijay moved to enquire about the events.

the place was just covered with curtains , bhanu was the only man who was irritated with that place, he said that we should have been into any hotels.

while we were searching stays, bhanu and akhil found a hotel which priced around 6000/- , but as the amount was heavy for a night we ignored it.

he felt really bad for that and sat alone in the car, while all the others were searching for the charging ports, as none of the phone had charge in it.

As vijay and sai kiran completed bath, they moved out, the me and srikanth got freshed up and next it was akhil and bhanu, i just moved to the car and reminded akhil to go cause its already 10:30 and the bakery would be closed, so they however made it and also our phones got charged a bit.

soon we ordered some noodles and fried rice in the same bakery and found an event near by to the place, we called them and confirmed about the prices for the passes, and we started to the place.

the time was almost 11:00 p.m. and we were near to the smallbeach, it was small vegator beach, as we walked a little more further we moved in to the "chronicle hilltop vagator".

we paid the amount of 3500\- per head and we got back about 2000\- as coupons which can be used for drinks and food.

the time was around 11:15 p.m. and we just moved to the topside for the table, but all the tables were already reserved. so we just moved near the bar and we all had a drink, we just moved to the wall and sat on it, we were irritated with the music over there, it was like a french music type.

there was also an entry from the top of the hill, we just walked all the way down to the beach side entry through shopping area.

as we were discussing about the parties over there, suddenly Vijay exclaimed RANA..!! , while we all turned back to see him he appeared in the white shirt and lungi, oh wow we exclaimed and after him RAKUL PREET SINGH and PRAGYA JAISWAL followed him to the tables which were reserved,

oh my gosh we never expected these people here, as we just saw them there were more people who joined the party, it was AMYRA DASTUR and many people from bollywood as well.

as we were watching them now came the akkineni family,


they moved to the other side of the place and sat near the corner were the table was already arranged, we were ashtonished by thier arrival to this event as there were many costly events going on.

Soon Saikiran and Srikanth moved near Rakul and asked for the picture, but ignored, while we too understood their privacy and never disturbed them again.

as we were looking around all the place, we found the perfect place to sit near the bar area, which was a little bit near to the samantha and nagachaitanya sat.

so we move there and started enjoying the party, nagachaitanya and samantha were the beautiful pair, they were really enjoying the event.

They were enjoying the night, akhil is boozing along with sushanth. Saw some more celebs at the place but can't remember their names.

As the time passed, we had a couple of drinks and waiting for the clock to click 12.

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

The time has come, it's the new year broo...

Day 4

All the fire crackers started to blast, the sky was full of lights for atleast ten minutes, we made it, we have celebrated the new year in the most unexpected place.

hello new year

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

For sure Goa was not on our minds, at the start of the trip. We can't expect the things to happen as we thought , sometimes they may end up the other ways.

Soon after the fire crackers we moved down to the DJ and we're dancing for that french- European music. As we were dancing all other stars at the party were also present at the dance floor.

Soon we noticed srikanth missing from that place, we started to search him all the place. We found him at the top near the bar area, he was having a chat with foreigners over there, he literally turned into a guide there and saying all the stuff to them, which even he doesn't know.

Sooner we called and carried him with us,

We were not interested in that beat by the dj.

We soon left the place, were walking along the road to reach our home stay. Srikanth was so high as he started to greet everyone on our way back. That was a nice banter with some people around.

We quickly reached the place, and moved to bed , everyone was so tired and fell into sleep, me and bhanu were sitting in the portico area and listing to the deep ongoing discussion within sai kiran and vijay, they were like

" We had the party with all the top celebrities from various industries "

We were like laughing to it, sooner bhanu went and slept in the car, and I somehow managed to fill in the space there.

We woke up at 8 'o clock in the morning. the only thing remaining in the task was to go home safely, we were really hungry at that time. we quickly got freshup and were ready to start the ride.

we quickly bought some maggi packs in the near by shop and started our ride soon.

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

as we crossed the city, we searched for the spot to cook the food, we quickly filled our water can on the way and found a nice place.

we parked the car and gathering all the items required for preparing the food, the maggi was the biryani for us at that time.

soon we completed the food and all set to drive back home, all the guys were tired already and fallen sleep in no time. me and akhil were giving company to the driver(bhanu).

our ride moved to the ghat section and we were stopped by the goa police, they were asking us "Is there any liquor with you" we simply answered "NO". Soon we came across a beautiful location that's a huge valley beneath the ghat road.

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna
Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

we parked the vehicle at some safe distance and walked back to the location to see the view, it was a scenic beauty to describe. We spent around 20 minutes at that place enjoying the view and also clicked some pictures.

we started the journey soon and also saw so many locations on the way, it was all greenery around the place, the ghat road section was a bit scary as it was our first ride.

we came across some more checkpoint, and they asked the same question again, we replied the same too..!!

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

mandatory pic

Photo of My first adventure sport @ Murudeshwar by Vamshi Krishna

here you go, see our sleeping star MR. SAI KIRAN, slept almost every minute of the ride, except the first day.

the time was around 5:00 p.m we crossed the towns all the way and nearing to our place,we stopped for a tea break and met our friends who traveled to goa for the new year as well.

we decided to have dinner at around 8:00 p.m and we found a small dhaba on the way, had dinner and started back again.

Day 5

we almost crossed karnataka by midnight, as everyone were in deep sleep, bhanu stopped by the highway crossing and waked me to have some tea. i was not in my conscious as i dropped my mobile near the door,

they came back and noticed the mobile and alerted about the mobile, all my sleep was gone in seconds and i was stunned. !!

we crossed the karnataka, and entered telangana. it ws around a hour drive from this place so we slowly got up from sleep and settled ourselves, the time was around 2:30 a.m and we reached the destination safely...!!!

we got the car parked near my house and started settle all the luggage, as everyone packed their stuff, we left the place dropping me.

after dropping everyone here in Sangareddy, vijay and srikanth drove back to Hyderabad.



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