Short Ride to Untapped Chota Ladakh

30th Nov 2019
Day 1

After exhausting 3 no-trip months we planned to go to Sakleshpur by riding through the lush greens, which didn't happen then we were googling places around Bangalore and came across a place called "Chota Ladakh". When I heard it, I was like what !???
It was just 60kms away from Bangalore.
We decided to start at 5 30 AM the next day.

Best time to visit : November - January.

All our 3 bikers gathered around 5 30 and started. Hustling through the city we hit NH75, the Bangalore-Kolar highway. It was freakishly cold and was drizzling. Our highway road ends and we had to take a country road to reach the "Chota Ladakh". The roads were beautiful ❤️

We reached and only thing we could see was a quarry 😂 Just after 5 minutes we wanted start back then from no-where a localite came and told we could go on top of the hill on bikes. What can be more adventurous than off-road riding

We reached the top and guess what it was foggy and had a beautiful landscape. We saw a mountain rock which was like 4 kms away and we wanted to trek with no guide and no one available there lol.

We started to go up and it was quite easy till we reached a point where we no longer can climb. Then we had to decent where all the fun started.

It was raining and we had to decent on 'Granite' rocks which has deposits of water algae and we had sneakers on. I almost fell of the cliff twice where tiny creepers came to my rescue. I held them and came through.

We lost our way through. We had to reach our bikes which were midway between the top and bottom of hill. We lost the way and reached bottom of the hill that too on the other side. Then we had to climb all the way up and somehow we reached our bikes. It was an amazing short get away.

The Quarry

Photo of Short Ride to Untapped Chota Ladakh by Umar Khan

Mid stop

Photo of Short Ride to Untapped Chota Ladakh by Umar Khan

Top of the hill

Photo of Short Ride to Untapped Chota Ladakh by Umar Khan