Should you plan a Tour by Yourself or Book through a travel agent?

2nd Feb 2019

This is one of the most important question everyone of us has while booking a tour.  Should I Book it thru an Agent or book by myself

We have tried both and we I will try to share views and cover positives and negatives of both ways in brief. Of Course you can contact me for any further details required.

Pros of Booking by Your Self

- >You get the freedom of choosing the Itinerary by yourself.       Weather you book it through online portals of by direct booking.You can stay more at the days where you wish to stay and omit the places where you don't want to stay.

 -> Direct Booking thru hotel sites will give you certain benefits like Free Breakfast  , Complimentary Airport Transfers , Free Dinners or Free Resort Credits

-> Freedom of Time : Most of the times there's a specific time assigned to you at certain places and that is not sufficient most of the times. While roaming by your own you have all the free time available.

Cons of Booking by Your Self

-> A lot of planning is required before you book your trip that consumes time and energy . Because everything is planned by you , you need to put full efforts into planning .

-> While booking by yourself there's a risk of going things wrong in certain cases. Like hotel chosen is not good or the guy you booked doesn't show up. 

Pros of Booking thru Travel Agents

-> These guys have slots booked including Flights and Hotels. While booking in a group they get good discounts . 

-> Obviously they have every set up in the region where they are strong. Right from Food and other facilities. You don't have to roam around to find certain necessary things.

Cons of Booking thru Travel Agents

-> Most of the agents will try to sell you things in which they get more benefits. Literally they will push you to book certain hotels. And most of the times the hotels are so outdated or away from the city center that practically you don't get to do anything else apart from staying in the hotel

-> While booking thru the agents in group you might have to deal with Fix Departure dates in which you don't get much room for changing anything

Yes I know I missing a lot of points!!!! You can share much more of your experiences. Comment below for any further additions. 

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