10 free things a traveller is liable


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The lust to wander and explore every hook and corner of this wide world is quite an irresistible one. With the increasing awareness about the undiscovered places, the urge to get the most scenic pictures and get the maximum number of likes and the accessibility only adds fuel to the already flaming desire to travel. But more often than not, money becomes a speed breaker before we can take off on those beautiful journeys. However, we tend to forget that money is not all that you need to travel; it’s only an important tool. Did you ever think that travelling is not always so much of an extravagant affair? Being a little canny while you are travelling will always come in handy to help you get more than just free advice.

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Here we are penning down some cues for you to make the most of your time without spending as much money on your next trip. If you are a regular backpacker, you must remember this like the back of your hand. Following ten things are out of the many things that you can literally get for free and save a few bucks to yourself.


Yes, we are living in the Google era where we go wherever Google takes us. While that’s not a bad deal but having a map of the city handy with you is not a bad deal either. Not only will it allow you to have a larger look of the city, use your brain a little, feel a bit more authentic like a traveler but also will allow you to save the battery in your phone for the times of emergency.

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Almost every accommodation will provide you with a map including the destinations of the place. You can stop by a travel booth as well to pick up a complimentary map and some expert advice. Also, most hotels and hostels will have an information desk and the museums have them too, these are your storehouse for information and also some guidance to go around. You can also gather information about freebies, local festivals, events, etc. from them and have the best time.


While you are travelling, a good way to save money is also to not spend in commuting around. After some research about the place, get going the hitchhiker approach as that’s relatively a common and safe way in most places.

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You can also check out the social media groups of travelers about that place and manage yourself rides and tips. However, being safe and cautious with hitchhiking is the most important rule. Talking to a local is mostly a good idea to understand the place. Most of the locals are more than happy to show you around too.


If you are not very convinced about hitchhiking, hire a bike to visit around. You will have a faster and hassle-free touring. You will be away from the cramped buses or trains, be at your own convenience and also burn all those extra calories you are consuming during the trip.

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Just ask at your accommodation and you will have the service available at most of these. For those of you who prefer public transport, certain places also offer some kind of free public transport between popular destinations to indulge more tourists. Find out and enjoy the ride.


Travel to long distanced destinations comes along with long layover at the airport. However, next time you check your flights, don’t frown at the long layover just make it an addition to your itinerary. Not all yet but some major airports like in South Korea, Taiwan, Tokyo, Singapore, Turkey and Utah offer free city tours for the ones with unduly long layovers.

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If not a tour in the city, airport stays still can be entertaining with the many choices available. International airports in Portland, San Francisco, and Minneapolis allow you to watch a movie for free, others such as Miami, Seattle, and St.Louis offer free museums and live events. Well, that’s not all to take your fatigue and boredom away, airports like San Francisco International Airport and Denver have pet therapy options. So next time you have a layover, don’t forget to ask them what they have in store for you.


When on a vacation mode, hardly any of us prefer a little workout. We are all busy indulging ourselves in food and expedition. However, you can utilize that beautiful backdrop not just for an Instagram picture but also for a sunrise yoga session. Many accommodation options allow you to make use of the gym and other classes available during your stay.

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While most people are out exploring or busy with other appeasements, it’s a good idea to ask about the possible sessions and allow yourself a less crowded session for a better, fitter you.


If your pockets are turning empty but still have a long way ahead; more so if you are travelling as a backpacker you can earn yourself a free accommodation in exchange for volunteering at the hostels. A helping hand at the front desk or cleaning, etc will never be a waste. 

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All you need to do is ask them and work out a mutual way. Staying at a hostel has different perks as you are likely to meet fellow travelers where you might get a chance to share their stories, transportation, dinner, etc.


With so many trips booking sights offering free breakfast offer with the hotels we book, most of us know by now that 90% of the places you stay during your next trip are likely to offer free breakfast. If not a lavish one, the basic one at least. 

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Also if you are on a budget, don’t hesitate to stock up essentials like fruits, bars, and water bottles. You’re technically paying for it so keep some eatables handy when you are in dire need. This is a good tip for your stomach, tongue and your pockets as well.


While you are making a list of places to go on your trip, make sure you add a tour company or travel desk as well. Chances are you will have some coupons for discounted meals, admission to an attraction, two-for-one deals, etc. on various things. 

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If you are a backpacker on a budget, odds are high that the travel agents that book your trips will have such travel cards and coupons for you. Just remember, never stutter to ask.


Did you know airports in Denver and Washington allow you to make free local as well as long distance calls? But there’s a catch, the calls must be shorter than five minutes. Yes, you will not be able to narrate your whole day to your family but it’s quite a steal deal for your phone’s data, battery and of course money. 

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Other airports around the world are also catching up for the facility. All you have to do is head to the information desk and ask or just keep your eyes open.


Like many of us already know, almost every hotel now or even an OYO room offers a ton of amenities. If your friend stashes them up from every visit, don’t detest. It’s not being cheap but being smart as all these amenities are assembled into the cost of your room. 

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So next time take a little advantage and save yourself some money and some space in the bag. Depending on the kind of stay, you can get a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, face products, grooming kit and any other basic amenity on needed.

Apart from the above mentioned, you can also enquire and avail credit cards that offer free travel insurance when you sign up and help you save big time. Certain credit cards also offer sign up bonuses in exchange of points, credit or app wallet money which can be utilized well for your next booking if you travel often. And don't miss the free Wifi at airports, cafes, stays. Now next time when you step out, make sure you save some bucks and enjoy the above-mentioned entities.

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