Solo Travel 101 - Reasons To Go


Are you thinking to travel alone for the first time? You are not the only one. According to a report, solo traveling has been increased by 42% in the past 5 years. Earlier people preferred to go with their family, friends and their partner. Traveling on your own has become the latest trend in 2019. It's a great opportunity to explore a new destination as well as yourself. No matter where you go and what you do, it will change you.

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Alappuzha, Kerala

Want to travel alone? Here are 101 reasons why you should go to:

1. To get interesting and exciting experiences

2. To grow as a person in many ways

3. To widen our view towards the world

4. To meet new people

5. To know about different cultures

6. To collect stories for future

7. To take beautiful pictures

8. To feel complete freedom

9. To take new challenges in life

10. To escape from your boring routines

11. To build a network

12. To learn new skills

13. To visit places you have seen in movies

14. To overcome your fear

15. To see beautiful sunrises and sunsets

16. To experience more gratefulness

17. To explore offbeat places

18. To learn about the history

19. To join worldwide celebrations and festivals

20. To discover new cozy little cafes

21. To break old habits and create new

22. To improve your communication skills

23. To become more socially confident

24. To become more creative

25. To become a problem solver in your life

26. To be ready to get new job opportunities

27. To improve your mental health

28. To detox yourself from technology

29. To become more compassionate

30. To accept yourself as you are

31. To be able to take your own decisions

32. To spread your opinions to the world

33. To say goodbye to your comfort zone

34. To catch the travel bug for life

35. To face your weaknesses

36. To experience the diversity

37. To become more self-aware

38. To learn how to hold your bladder

39. To become brave

40. To learn how to become independent

41. To be famous on Instagram

42. To learn to love being alone

43. To learn a foreign language (or several)

44. To savor the variety of cuisine

45. To practice gratitude

46. To find out that getting lost is amazing

47. To get the strength to deal with life’s messes

48. To celebration your freedom

49. To streamline your life

50. To be able to prioritize

51. To learn how to deal with the unknown

52. To become more flexible

53. To get a better sense of direction

54. To become able to take care of yourself

55. To love yourself

56. To be able to push your limits

57. To stay calm

58. To get deeper respect for Mother Earth

59. To learn to not take other people’s opinions too seriously

60. To realize your inner strength

61. To learn how to make things happen

62. To see the world isn’t as scary as you think

63. To find you’re never truly alone

64. To open your heart

65. To change your thinking pattern

66. To be a dreamer

67. To know who you REALLY are

68. To learn to trust your gut

69. To learn to go at your own pace

70. To be more spontaneous

71. To improve your walking habit

72. To take a break from your “9 - 5” job

73. To collect memories instead of things

74. To practice silence

75. To learn to take more risks

76. To get more adventure in your life

77. To be more active and healthy

78. To become more mindful

79. To discover that hostels are a safe haven

80. To experience the natural beauty

81. To become richer in terms of experiences

82. To supercharge your confidence

83. To expand your mind

84. To give back to the community

85. To learn to be patience

86. To learn how to say no

87. To build life-long friendships

88. To learn the art of negotiation

89. To unearth hidden skills

90. To become more meditative

91. To take "me time"

92. To improve your taste buds

93. To make a difference

94. To teach yourself to cook a new type of cuisine

95. To be more responsible

96. To earn a bit of extra cash

97. To reduce stress

98. To develop emotional stability

99. To inspire others and yourself

100. To learn to balance between your work and travel

101. You’re still searching for reasons to travel alone? Really??

What's your reason/s to travel solo or with your group? Lets discuss here.

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