My travel adventures, I've been to most parts of India.

And also to Bhutan.

I'm a travel tourism student from Bangalore, and we are assigned tasks to go to different states, countries and interact with people and know about their lifestyle, way of living etc.

One place which is close to my heart and the most amazing kind of people who live with compassion.

I would like to talk about Bhutan, they assigned me to go to Bhutan for a month and live and see how the lifestyle of the people, food, everything is there and make notes about it. I was living with two Asians I in one room it was my first time and I've never experienced this before. The people who were my roommates took care of me like how my mother does. They were the most caring people I've ever met. It was mesmerising to see how different they were. They were sophisticated people who trusted one another. I've seen people leaving their doors open in the night or any time of the day because the crime there is absolute Nil. They were absolutely friendly to talk to. And I made a bunch of friends there as well that's what made it more fun, and I absolutely loved that trip. And I would love to go meet the friends who I made and they are a part of my life. They were sweethearts. And I do miss them.

I've been to places were I've have experienced meeting different kinds of people. This is what I love to do. This is my passion.

This is one of my experiences.

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