Table Top - Sonmarg

14th Jul 2019
Photo of Table Top - Sonmarg by Jennifer Lobo

So once we reached the table top in Sonmarg, we were having our maggi and kahwa and these beauties walked in making the most beautiful picture amidst those mountains and the beautiful skies.

So while we walk and trek up the mountains our backpacks, camp tents, kitchen tents and a lot more of the stuff gets loaded on these horses and mules. They carry all that weight and bring it to the camp site..Needless to say that you do feel bad that they are loaded this much however there are no other means to get all your stuff up there..

I just feel thankful that we did not have to carry everything ourselves just with the day packs it felt so difficult carrying your back pack and the day pack would have been added baggage. So thankful that there were these mules/horses to help us with our luggages...

Also something to remember; if you tend to leave your food do not throw them in the garbage; ask your camp chef where to put them.. They keep a pit of food for these horses/mules and you can put your food in there so the horses can eat them..

Photo of Table Top - Sonmarg by Jennifer Lobo