You Should be Doing These 7 Things In The First 10 Mins After Checking Into A Hotel Room


Travelling is second nature to me at this point and checking-in and out of hotels is definitely a favorite pass-time of mine at this point. I love the feel of arriving at a new hotel, in a new city, ready to explore it all. And how can I forget the first jump on the fluffy perfectly made bed, ah the joy!

But, for many hotel check-ins can be stressful, we've heard plenty of strange incidents and news regarding hotel check-ins that didn't go so well. So, I'm here to save the day and give you a simple checklist that you should go through as soon as you check in to a hotel and enjoy your stay in peace.

Photo of You Should be Doing These 7 Things In The First 10 Mins After Checking Into A Hotel Room by Prageet Goel

1. Check for possible hidden cameras

I know it sounds dramatic, but you don't want a stranger invading your privacy now, do you? Usually, this involves hidden cameras that appear to be everyday items like smoke detectors. So, make sure you have a look around the room for anything that looks funny or out of place.

2. Check if there are insects in the room

There are plenty of hotel bed bug incidents online, so it's important that you're not woken up at night by unwanted visitors. So, pull back the sheets or covers a little for any marks or creatures before jumping in.

3. Mirror-mirror on the wall, let's check you once and for all

Self-explanatory but important, make sure that the mirror in your room is in fact a one-way mirror and not a two-way mirror. You can do so by the fingernail test, placing your index finger against the mirror so that your nail touches the glass. If it is a normal mirror, you should see a gap or space between your fingernail and its reflection.

4. Have a look around for any object that doesn't belong to your room

I've personally had an incident where the former resident of the room had forgotten their watch in one of the bathroom drawers. So, have a look around to make sure that you don't encounter any strange articles in your room later.

5. Check if your door can be locked properly

Simply make sure that the room's door is functioning well. Also, verify that the safe locks properly in case you plan to leave any valuables in it.

6. Disinfect things that are shared

You may want to carry a travel-sized pack of disinfectant wipes and clean objects like TV Remote, light switches, handles, toilet handle and telephone for extra safety and hygiene.

7. Locate the nearest emergency exit

In the event of an emergency, you should know where the nearest exit is. In many cases this can be found on the back of the door. This of course is just a precautionary measure and can come in handy just in case.

Photo of You Should be Doing These 7 Things In The First 10 Mins After Checking Into A Hotel Room by Prageet Goel

Trust me, these things shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes combined but will surely make you feel at peace. Now that you're all prepared, enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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