The Perfect Back Bag: 35 Things To Carry

12th Jan 2015
Photo of The Perfect Back Bag: 35 Things To Carry by Kasturi Karuna
A perfect bag pack
1. A quick dry towel-Occupies minimum space and ideal for both summer and winter
2. Shampoo and Conditioner sashes-Unless and until you are sure they the HOTEL will provide
3. Mouth fresher-You never know when you need to skip brushing
4. Small power bottle-Too much sweating in travelling is normal               
5. Small moisturizer bottle-Too much exposure can make your skin dry and parched
6. Vaseline-The lips are the most sensitive
7. Safety pin-You never know
8. Sanitizer-Absolute must. As you would be eating anywhere and every where
9. Wet tissues-A quick clean of your face after a dusty ride
10. Newspaper-To sit at railway station if the train is delayed
11. Plastic bags-To carry wet clothes
12. Medicines-For body upsets like headache, vomit, back pain or stomach upset, Band aid, cotton
13. Stole-To cover your ahead from Dust or heat or to wipe off your sweat
14. Floater-The perfect for all situations
15. Sun scream-If you are in love with your skin color
16. Toothbrush and paste-Unless if you mouth fresher is enough
17. Power bank-Your smart phone can ditch you anywhere
18. Convertible trouser-Do you a favour and leave the jeans at home
19. Ipod/MP3-Your ideal travelers’ partner
20. Novel-When train journeys become excessive bring
21. Deodorant-Just keep spraying from time to time if you don’t want to scare your co passengers with your body smell
22. Bed sheet-If you are travelling in sleeper or unreserved section of the train
23 Plastic container-Always carry a water bottle
24. No more than two T-shirts or similar-At least one item with long sleeves
25. Ample inner wear-This is something I recommend changing every day when top and when other personal hygiene is going for a toss
26. Two Pair of socks
27. Make up kit for girls-Keep it minimalist (Kajal and one lipstick should do)
28. Camera if your phone is not good enough
29. Sun glasses
30. Notebook and pen-Write what you see. They are your memories. You might want to jot down map or important landmarks especially when the names are difficult or too many
31. Locks & security with chain-So that you can sleep with peace in trains or keep your luggage safety in HOTELS
32. Money belt or travel organizer-Keeps your essentials organized and together (Money, Passbook, Notebook, Pen, Smart phone, and Sanitizer)
33. A small bag back-To take along while roaming around city-To keep your water bottle, camera and other toiletries mentioned above
34 .Pan card, Student id, Office id, Passport
35. A torch
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