The recovery trip!

11th Jul 2015
Photo of The recovery trip! 1/5 by Madhura Maddolkar
When the journey is as beautiful as the destination.
Photo of The recovery trip! 2/5 by Madhura Maddolkar
That was one easy trek. Even for the beginners.
Photo of The recovery trip! 3/5 by Madhura Maddolkar
A long walk on the perimeter of the fort is a must!
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Ek selfie toh banta hai boss!
Photo of The recovery trip! 5/5 by Madhura Maddolkar
Because we love jumping in unknown waters!

Exactly a month after breaking up their 3 year long relationship with their respective partners (whatte coincidence), two heart broken school mates (met at a school reunion only 2 months ago) decide to travel! 
And travel they did! Located just a few kms from Lonavala, overlooking the scenic Amby valley lies the fort of Korigad. Known for well intact fort walls, canons and lakes at the top of the fort, here's Korigad for you.