The Travel Tattoos


A tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. It  is something which portrays a thing of “their body their right” so they can get inked whatever they are interested or fond of. It's so much of craze from many years that from a famous celebrity to the messed up guy next door portrays something of their wish. Since travel lust is such a powerful thing that can consume you completely, it’s no surprise that a lot of travelers get inked to showcase their extreme passion towards travelling.

Here are some picked tattoo photos from Google which for sure will spark the travel bug inside you. 

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 1/12 by Anil Kumar

Well many of you may be familiar with a person from united states "Bill Passman" who has a world map tattooed on his back and every time he visits a new country, he has it colored. He is really a travel freak.

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 2/12 by Anil Kumar

Off course, To travel is to live, as a traveler wants his life to be a never ending journey.

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 3/12 by Anil Kumar

This explains the intense desire inside you to travel and explore.

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 4/12 by Anil Kumar

An amazing atlas and a compass with a headline which explains itself.

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 5/12 by Anil Kumar

It's a German word which explains the itchy feet to foreign countries: the longing, the desire to travel to a distant country.

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 6/12 by Anil Kumar

This is something really crazy which keeps you always take a look at the stamps of the countries you visited.

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 7/12 by Anil Kumar

An adorable air-balloon with a tag line of freedom explains it all.....

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 8/12 by Anil Kumar

No explanation required........

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 9/12 by Anil Kumar

This shows your wish towards the tropical islands with stunning beaches where anchor describes your steady love and desire.

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 10/12 by Anil Kumar

Hope we could do this again and again and again.....

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 11/12 by Anil Kumar

Wish this "Tiny Airplane" could carry us to the country we want.

Photo of The Travel Tattoos 12/12 by Anil Kumar

Well, all of us know that.....

One of these on the body of a traveler will describe his pursuit to travel and his freaky travel mind.