Thorsborne Trail – Best Hiking Trail in Tropical North Queensland

10th Feb 2019
Photo of Thorsborne Trail – Best Hiking Trail in Tropical North Queensland by Linda Haynes

If anyone asks me which moment I want to live again, if I had a time machine, I will instantly speak out, the day when I had gone to hiking in Thorsborne Trail.

It was one of the most immeasurable great hiking experiences of my life. I love to hike, and whenever I get time from my busy and tiring schedule, I pack my bag and leave for this beautiful experience.

I remember it was 2 years back in 2019 when my friend told me about the Thorsborne Trail. And I made a plan to spend my week off hiking the trail.

I bought some of the essential items in my large duffel bag, including some essential things, some snacks (actually a lot), and my favorite Kathmandu jacket that my friend bought me. She got some catch coupons online because she loves to shop cheaply at discounts.

Let me tell you some things about the Thorsborne hiking trail. The exact location of the Thorsborne trail is Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland, Australia. It is named after Arthur Thorsborne, and it is 32km long.

The Hinchinbrook Island itself is the perfect representation of the great rainforest and unique nature. The best part of North Queensland between Townsville and Cairns.

The hike usually complete in 4 to 5 days. But for me, it took 5 days and 4 nights to complete the track because I took many stops to admire the beauty. You can’t leave stops like Nina bay, Little Ramsay bay.

I stopped at the Night Zoe Bay and noticed some hiker was fishing at that time. I curse myself for not packing my fishing stuff. But still, I get to talk with one of the hikers, and he let me borrow his fishing rod, but my bad, I can’t make it.

I was hiking in late August, so the cool breezing was one of the best parts that made my trip more fantastic.

From my trip to this beautiful hiking trail, I gathered some things that can help you if you are planning to hike the astonishing Thorsborne trail.

What Item You Should Bring With you

Try to pack all the necessary items. Don’t overload your bag with useless things. They can be a hurdle for you because of the weight. But the thing that you must carry include

• Sleeping bag and sleeping mattress

• Water bottle

• Wet wipes

• Tent

• Torchlight

• Mini First aid kit

• Shoe repair kit

• Bug repellent spray or net

I packed some other things like snacks and compass and a pair of pair extra shoes with me so it would me more convenient.

The things to keep in mind

Although hiking is a mindful experience with some stretching of your body parts. There are several things you should keep in mind when hiking the Thorsborne trail.

• Beware of crocodile

• Beware of stinging water animals

• Don’t cross the cutting corner of the trail

• You can only stay for 2 nights in the same camping area

• Camping is allowed only at the camping areas

• Do not remove any plant material does not matter if it is alive or dead

• Hinchinbrook Island is allowed fuel stove only, so please don’t take cooking fires because open campfire is not allowed

• Do not try to feed any wildlife animal. It is not allowed on the Island.

Camping areas

I really love the camping areas of the Island. All are different and mesmerizing. You can be camping and had a great view of seven different campsites.

1. Nina bay

2. Little Ramsay bay

3. Banksia bay

4. Zoe bay

5. Mulligan Falls

6. George point camping area

7. Sunken reef bay

I personally loved the Mulligan falls camp area. The waterfall is one of my favorite things that come from nature, and sitting there and enjoying the chicken sandwich while watching the water was lush.

Things to do at the Thorsborne trail

There are a lot of things to do at the Thorsborne trail. I love to explore different things, but because my main focus was to hike alone. I was stupid that I did not take part in these activities. But if you are going to hike the trail, I am suggesting experiencing the following

• Fishing (okay, I gave it a try with the borrowed tools and failed)

• Four-wheel driving

• Mountain biking

• Rock climbing

• Snorkeling and diving

Give a try to snorkeling and horse riding. It will leave you with a more exciting experience.

Wrap Up

A wrap-up, for now, Thorsborne is perfect to go solo or with a group of friends. It is a peaceful place to go and find something relaxing from day-to-day burdening life. It is undoubtedly the ideal trail to go with friends to enjoy mind-blowing adventures like snorkeling.

I usually try to find a different hiking location rather than hike the previous one again. So I can explore more and more nature. But this Thorsborne trail leaves a mark on me, and I will hike again if I get a chance. And will enjoy every activity there.