To travel or not to travel?

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Wanderlust, wanderer, wayfarer, traveller and so on and so forth, words we often come across on social media these days. Open Instagram and there’s a post of this beautiful place, right on the face with a hell lot of hashtags and the soul aches to fly away. Seems common? Congratulations fellow mate, you have been bitten by the travel bug. Though what follows this wonderful moment of flying away are several questions – How? Where? When? But I have a job? And I don’t have leaves? etc etc.

Now you have two choices: listen to your heart or listen to your brain. What I chose was neither. I just packed my rucksack, boarded a random bus and gave way to my lust for travelling. To travel or not to travel is a question whose answer is within you and you only. Try not to snub the calling and let your desire take charge of you for once. Maybe it would not be that bad an idea you know!

Me? I am just like most other 9 to 5 commoners, trying to figure out life and all that jazz. I am a corporate runaway over weekends (mostly). How I travel? Well I think of my remuneration in terms of bus and flight tickets and look forward to sneak in a holiday here and there and go sit by a cliff top and enjoy a silent sunset. I haven’t been to everywhere, but I am looking forward to, or so as the saying goes! One thing that travelling has surely taught me so far is that everywhere you go, every people you meet, you become richer unknowingly. They say travelling turns you into a storyteller, I would say it does and it gives you wings too.

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