Travel never ends

17th Aug 2019
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Day 1

Just wondered yesterday how my life was before sharing my travel experiences. It's not simple transformation, I changed a lot more than I thought. I love solo traveling as I am comfortable in that way. As far I have realised, travel does wonders inside our soul. We learn more in travelling than any books. How many of you agree? To experience bliss from travelling, we should mould ourselves to enjoy the moment. Let me say how much I changed after travelling.

1. Travel opens new horizons:
I was walking along the way of Mahabalipuram, I started to think about the lives of sculptors from past, present even future. Then in Mahabalipuram museum, there are lots of ship models  and equipments used in lighthouse, it expands our view to know reality more. While walking along the mukkombu dam, I wondered how exactly irrigation system is developed over the years. When I was sitting near lifting platforms, I began to think how much huge lifting platform people tend to use, how those platforms operate. Sometimes we get to know stuffs we never heard before. How much ever we read in books are never equivalent to directly learning on spot.

2, It breaks barriers:
     During my travelling, more than GPS, I got help from common people like security thambi,  icecream shop keeper uncle, waiter uncle etc. These people become friends with me within 5 minutes. I chatted sometime with them I still remember. Whatever barrier I faced before, I broke easily without hesitation. There is a need to be careful to the unknown people. It shouldn't stop us from knowing how exactly people live. Even a simple conversation with someone can give us their ideas and you can share your ideas and values to them.

3 . Travel heals
    How many of us got hurted by others before? All of us mostly. Just take a breathe and travel. You will find many places, people and surroundings outside to help you out. It slowly makes you forget all your pain and returns only bliss. 

4. Travel recreates/ renews yourself:
       Sometimes we get bored of the routine life of studies, work 24*7,  all our creativity would have reached lower battery, We need travel to refresh ourselves, why travelling exists?

5. Travel teaches us to love nature and beauty in own place:
Oceans, rivers, lakes, trees, look around.  They are here, to make us happy only.  How many hours we all sit in our smart phones and dream about visiting a foreign place? We may not even covered our own district. Nature exists everywhere, it is next to you. You can enjoy it anywhere whether it's small or long trip.

6. Travel makes you to notice small things:
   We eat food very eagerly, without knowing how each ingredient is made. How much work each person put for it? We consume a lot, without knowing how it is made. If you get time, travel to notice even the details of salt and sugar production nearby your place, How fishermen catch fishes in dams? etc. You can observe every minute details when you travel.

7. Independent:
   As a solo traveller, I got courage to see myself as independent person who got freedom to do what I really wish to do, rather than what the society expects from me. It builds your inner strength to explore more. Be yourself more.

8.  Happiness:
Travel encourages us to enjoy moments like a child. Even a simple thing can excite us so much if we allow ourself to be happy. Travel teaches us how to be happy and content without much expectations.

9. Building your own personality:
Our personality develops over the years. More we travel, more we discover, the world is big. More we learn, we realise we know nothing, we become humble and honest, mostly without ego, ready to learn anything from anyone, we begin to admire good people, you become one too. It's us who feeds our inner soul with thoughts , memories etc. Is your personality developing by your inner circle and your role models? Travel gives more experiences with many different personalities. It starts a trigger in you, to be like whom you want to be.

10. Nourishment:
Its an energy boast. I remember my sister's words when she feels down, 'I feel very low and depressed, tell me something akka ' Ofcourse, we need someone to nourish us, give us love, energy, time. What if humans around you are too negative to give that for you? To say the truth, I hardly find people near me who nourishes my needs. Your heart gets fulfilled when you are with right people. When you feel empty and nothing, go to a place which is wonderful. You will find your inner self is getting strength back. To find a new circle, to find good souls like you, you have to travel again.

11. Travel shows development:
My native is kanniyakumari. Rarely we visit there, whenever we tend to go after years, we notice change in many places. It gives a clear view how a place and people are improving over decades.

12. Travel reveals  'behind the scenes' stories:
  Most of the time, we hear history of well known people and places from some articles we read, when we visit the place mentioned we may find more interesting details who are behind the real success of those areas.

13. Travel shows exactly who you are:
Recently I read a book which categories people into seven types (they term as soul types)  Artist, king, sage, Leader, servers, scholars , warriors. We need to identify whom we are in this. I will give a link for this:
By this idea, we may go away from what we are originally made of, due to less reflection. You can be a artist inside but to the outer you can seem like a server or warrior. You can be warrior inside but to the outside you thought yourself as sage. We need to search ourselves deep to know who we are exactly. Travel makes you think more to find out who you are really.

14. Travel shows the truth:
We get an idea about a person, place, food based on what we hear, what we see as an outsider, but reality is not the same always. When you travel, you will know about everything as it is. It shows only truth. More you travel, you see reality of that particular place.

This is not an end, benefits of travelling continues throughout our life, in everything we do, as long as we live.

Travel - crosses barriers and boundaries.

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel - gives us leap of faith to explore unknown

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel - it joins everyone together in unity

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel - reminds everything you forgot

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel - excites our soul

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel - moves us

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel - captures every instance of changing world

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel- expands visions of life

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel- Evolves an artist inside you

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind

Travel - Through various diversities

Photo of Travel never ends by Painter of the wind