Top 10 Reasons Why Every Traveller Should Try CouchSurfing

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Have you ever tried CouchSurfing ?! Maybe you have or Maybe you have not.

Have you ever stayed at your friend's place while on a trip? Most probably you have.

Have you stayed with a complete stranger while on a trip? Your answer maybe Yes or No. But read on to know more about CouchSurfing and how you can stay with a perfect stranger during your trips.

CouchSurfing is a platform where you can find your friends whom you haven't met yet and stay at their places for free while you are travelling to new places.

Sounds too good to be true. Right?

But it is TRUE.

CouchSurfing is a community of travellers who believes in kindness and opens the doors of their homes to the fellow travellers, without expecting any monetary benefits.

Lets check the top 10 reasons why every traveller should try CouchSurfing.

1. It is absolutely FREE

CouchSurfing believes in human Kindness. If you have an extra flat, extra room, extra couch or even an extra sleeping bag that you are willing to share with a traveller, you can start doing CouchSurfing and become a Host. You can invite or accept travellers to share your home, share your stories and get to know them better and make new connections. But in return, the host expects nothing. How wonderful is that?!

2. It makes your travel more economical

There is NO money involved in Couchsurfing.

If you are a surfer, who asks to stay with a host through couchsurfing, you are actually not paying anything for your accommodation. So basically as a surfer, your stay with the host is completely free. The cost of accommodation you have saved will reduce the budget of your whole trip considerably.

3. Gives a Local Perspective

Who knows a place better than a local person staying in that place?!

If you are staying with a local, they can guide you better than any guidebook or any internet article. You get to explore the less explored places, you get to taste the local cuisines, your whole travel experience will be a very authentic one.

4. Know More about Different Culture

CouchSurfing is the best way to get to know different cultures from all over the world. Through CouchSurfing, you get to interact with travellers from all over the world. It opens up a lot of opportunities to learn about a new culture, to get authentic answers for your age long doubts about other cultures and so on.

5. Chance to Meet Awesome People

Most of the CouchSurfers by default are awesome people. Most of them are well travelled, seen many parts of the world, experienced different cultures, have lots of stories to tell. You will get to meet some of the most amazing people in a very short span of time. They will inspire you to travel more, You will get to know some more amazing destinations to check out. You will learn some new travel hacks. The possibilities are endless.

6. Learn Something New

These amazing people can teach you a trick or two. Teaching and learning is one of the best part of couchsurfing. Oneday You might get to learn Ukelele from a Brazilian or traditional cooking from Keralite, an authentic recipe from an Italian or anything under and above the sun depending on the people you get to meet. Teaching, learning and sharing is so much fun in CouchSurfing.

7. It makes you a better human being

You can be at both sides of Kindness, at receiving end and at giving end. When you are hosting someone, you are offering your kindness. When you are surfing at someone's place, you are at the receiving end of kindness. And you are free to do both hosting and surfing. Nothing is mandatory. But it is a good practice to offer kindness rather than always be at the receiving end of kindness.

8. You might find an awesome Travel partner

As mentioned above, Couchsurfers are mostly hardcore travellers. There is a high chance that, you might meet another couchsurfer at your host's place, if it is a popular travel destination or a high season. Then later, you can plan your adventures with your new couchsurfing travel partner. It is a great way to meet like minded people and fellow travellers.

9. CouchSurfing offers most out from a trip

To meet like minded people, to find travel partners, to get a local perspective and guidance, to be able to explore the less explored places, to have an access to local knowledge of the place, to share your travel stories, to learn new things, to experience new culture. These are a few of the advantages of CouchSurfing. All of these experiences give you a totally satisfying trip more than just going and seeing a place and come back with a few photographs.

10. It is online, free,  mostly safe and a click away.

CouchSurfing works on the feedback from past hosts and surfers. Both host and surfer can write reference for each other which cannot be edited or deleted by self. Through the reference system couchsurfing ensures the safety of both hosts and surfers. You can find everything you want to know about couchsurfing from here and also register in there today itself.If you want to experience a new and awesome way of travelling, check out