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Travel is all about change of environment where you get lost in a completely new and unknown environment. It offers you a chance to know the unknown. And, more importantly travel helps you discover your inner self. Vacations or even short holidays help us in relieving our body, mind and soul from our daily life of rat race. It provides us with some relief and mental peace.

When talking about travel essentials, travel itinerary is an important factor. When planning for a tour, prepare well in advance. You should be also aware of the fact what are your travel inclusions and exclusions. Like your travel itinerary, there is one more crucial aspect when you set your foot out for travel – the “things to carry” list. What should you carry with yourself and why should you carry those; should always be on your priority list.

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It is always advised to carry minimal items when you are going on for travelling or on a vacation. Carry on those items that are required for your daily use. Sometimes, based on your destinations, you can customize your list.

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Let’s have a quick look at the basic requirements that one must carry with them while on a tour.

Shoes / Sandals
Medical Kit
Tickets / VISA
Torch / Lights
Water Bottles
ID Cards
Mosquito Repellent / Cream

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But again, if you are going for camping, trekking, desert, wildlife, adventure, then you should customize your travel list as your list is bound to differ based on your destination’s requirement.

Let’s see what you need to carry in case you plan a trek to go Trekking.

Things to carry

Clothes and Shoes


Trekking Shoes


Three warm layers

Three trek pants

Three collared t-shirts





Synthetic Hand Gloves


Socks (2 pairs)

Headlap LED Torch

Trekking Pole


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Two water bottles

Plastic covers

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Personal Medical Kit

You are advised to carry your personal medical kit and also consult your doctor.

Required Documents

It is mandatory to carry Photocopy of an identity proof and two copies of recent passport size photograph.

The travelers need to carry a medical certificate duly signed by a doctor.

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