Traveler tips you should know about

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Unless something goes wrong, traveling is usually about pleasant experiences, fond memories of distant places and friendly people. However, as we know already, things tend to go wrong all the time, usually when least convenient. If planning a trip, it is necessary to take some small yet important measures of precaution to make any possible unpleasantries bearable, or even insignificant. Here is the list of some good tips to follow that may help you to organize slightly better than you normally would and to start your journey carefree. Organize well and off you go to discover the world.

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Sort out your documents

If you travel abroad, start preparing timely. Apply for a visa and other certifications, if needed. Check the date on your passport and make sure to make few copies. Along with passport, bring one copy with you, leave one at home and make sure to have an electronic copy stored in your email account. In case of a lost passport, you will have to prove your citizenship somehow.

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Deal with the money

Foreign currencies can cause a real mess. Before you leave, make sure to estimate how much money will you need and get acquainted with local currency. Inform you bank on your plans to avoid unnecessary card turn off since banks and credit card providers can recognize your shopping on a foreign location as a card fraud. While on the phone with the operator, make sure your cards will work in your destination country. Also, use banks and ATMs in the city and avoid exchange offices at the airport. Make sure to always have local money with you.

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See the electronics

Do the little research about the voltage in the country that you are visiting and bring an adapter. You may not be able to charge your phone or to use any of the appliances you have brought with you unless you can make use of their electrical sockets. Mentioning the phone, call your operator and confirm that your phone can operate internationally. There will be some fees, but much smaller than roaming charges.

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Pack smart

Bring only the bare necessities and pack lightly. Make sure to pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag, if for some reason your luggage ends up on a different continent. See your airline company guidelines on how many bags can be checked for free and avoid unnecessary check-in costs. Keep important and valuable items close to you and make sure to have a bag with a lock. Bags with zippers are extremely unsafe and practically asking to be robbed.

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Stay safe

Tourists all over the world are being scammed daily, so try to avoid this unneeded detail on your trip. First of all, try not to look like a typical tourist and don’t share too much information with strangers. Don’t keep all your valuables with you all the time and have different places to put money and cards. If you happen to stay somewhere a bit longer, look for some short and long term storage options where you can put away some of your valuable items safely. Spend some extra money on safe travel by avoiding extra cheap hotels since they are not the safest place on earth.

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Get an insurance

Health and property insurance may seem like a needless expense, but this smart investment can prove to be the greatest thing in the long run if something bad happens. Whether you get the flu or someone steals your expensive laptop, insurance will cover the loss or at least, a big part of it. Make sure to check with your insurance company if they cover medical expenses for certain types of injuries related to your planned activities, especially if you are into extreme sports.

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Stay healthy

You know your weak spots, so bring the meds that you often use. Also, depending on your destination, see if there is a need for vaccination and schedule the appointment with your doctor. Know that malaria, Zika, and Ebola are dangerous viruses and they can cause severe health problems. Also, be extra careful with tap water and food. Stick to bottled water and eat in popular and crowded places. If you are allergic to some food or ingredients, prepare translation cards.

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Things not to do

First of all, don’t over pack because it will keep you slower. Don’t try to see everything simply because it is impossible, while you may miss out on many great things. Don’t rely solely on travel guides, because you will miss the hidden gems. Of course, you have a travel plan, but don’t stick to every letter since some flexibility and being spontaneous will ensure a unique experience. Don’t miscalculate your expenses and bring some extra money, just in case. In the end, don’t be afraid of the unknown and unfamiliar since you won't be able to enjoy yourself out there at all.

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It is quite easy to master the art of traveling. The more you travel, the more you know. Each journey is a unique experience and opportunity to learn about the world, people and about yourself. Some lessons you may overpay by being a rookie, reckless or naïve but in the end, you’ll learn from your mistakes. Follow these tips to avoid beginners slipups and bon voyage!