Travel Inspiration TravelWanderer Nick Tripjodi Hostory Episode -1

Photo of Travel Inspiration TravelWanderer Nick Tripjodi Hostory Episode -1 by Trip Jodi

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it

Day 1

Last month we received a request in Instagram from the profile travel wanderer requesting for a stay at our place. Tripjodi was curious to know more about travel wanderer and upon checking the the social profiles we were amazed to know that the person behind the travelwanderer was Mr.Nick, an experienced back packer for the past 5 years and has an awsome collection of photographs of places he has been to. We said YES to his Instagram message and were really excited to welcome him home.

Photo of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India by Trip Jodi

We communicated the address through phone calls and he was at the right pick up point, he faced no difficulty to reach the destination. Ebichan went and picked him to our house. As it was our first time experience, we had no idea of the hospitality that was required from our end we tried our best to give Nick home away home feel. After the indroduction session we offerd him a welcome drink and once freshend up and asked him if he was interested to go to the him vegetable flea market which puts up on every Wednesday near to our home, where farmers sell vegetables directly to customers. Nick was very much happy to go and visit the market. We could see him going around the market and keenly looking at things going around and purchased few fruits from there.

Photo of Flower Market, Mettupalayam Road, Kollupuram, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India by Trip Jodi

As he was tired after travelling, he fell asleep soon. Next day morning he was very much happy to explore Coimbatore. It was rainy day therefore we suggested him only few places like the famous Isha yoga center and Coimbatore flower market that he can visit and return by evening as he had to catch his train to Manglore at night. He shared many of his experiences and travelling tips, which gave us insights to travel more in less expensive and organized way. I shall share the tips at the end.

Tips for travelling from Nick :

1) Light weight clothes: Carry light weight clothes that will dry soon after wash and minimize the number of cloths.

2) Carry personal sanitizers.

3) Organize your bag well : Nick uses different pouch bags inside his main bag to categorize and keep things in place, which makes it easy to to find the thing we need without messing up the whole bag.

4) : We came to know that there is a website that reflects the cheapest flight service to travel from one country to another.

5) Accesories: He showed us interesting accessories that he uses while travelling, like seven blow air bed-which flatens up in just seven blows and can me used as a comfortable bed any where and also showed us a bottle that filters and gives out pure water and many more things.

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