Utter craziness in Himalayas with the flavor of peace

6th Sep 2016
Photo of Utter craziness in Himalayas  with the flavor of peace 1/2 by Gurneet Singh
Photo of Utter craziness in Himalayas  with the flavor of peace 2/2 by Gurneet Singh

I was having few holidays from office so just wanted to go to a offbeat place away from the real life.

Day 1

One of my friend had visited a place called Barot in Himachal pradesh and that was continuously on my mind from a very long time so reached my hometown and called up by friend.He asked me where are you at the moment to which i said  Patiala and he replied great even i am in Patiala.I was so happy after hearing this and immediately asked him to come to my home.Now i knew we will surely be going somewhere in the hills as we always do.

We made a decision to go to Barot through Jalandhar Hoshiarpur side as we had one friend and car to be picked from there.

We reached Jalandhar around 1 am. and we started for Barot. As we were traveling we entered Himachal pradesh.

Only after 10 minutes we saw a deer. I was so excited but he immediately ran away and now we further started the journey

We were using google maps and entered a road which was kind of jungle on both the sides and a way for one car and soon we realized we have been given some shortcut by google maps but we decided to continue on that road as we we were moving we saw a rabbit jumping and crossing the road. He was really cute but vanished in seconds.We were enjoying the ride as it was a bit okay road and at the same we were afraid a bit because it was kind of forest area and it was around 3:30 Am in the morning.

Then we saw one more deer.I witnessed a deer so closely for the first time of my life.

We were just witnessing the beauty of wildlife which continued for around 3-4 minutes in which we totally forgot about giving it a capture.But we were so happy after this and we moved ahead in the journey.Now as we were moving it was morning time and we reached the mountain area as well.Now the view was so awesome and it was so much of fresh air we couldn't resist and went down from the car to enjoy a bit of riverside. We clicked some pics and i did some yoga as i always do when i am in mountains and we continued the journey and reached Bir in the morning around 8 Am we had our breakfast and inquired about the places to see and  then we finally were on the road to Barot. This road was really scary road for me as it had very less width but i concentrated on the views which were just awesome and then there came an natural waterfall and our eyes were just like wowwwwwww and we reached Barot around 10 am in the morning.

Day 2

I was like what a peaceful place it is away from real life.and i was just enjoying the calmness of the place.Now we parked our car in the guest house of pseb and inquired about the room to which a guy said you have to book the room from Mandi but we insisted to which he said a guy will come in sometime and then you can talk and we thought giving a look to the place by walking until then and we saw one more hotel paradise which offered a room of Rs 500 and then we saw a fish farm and some of the people were fishing it was great to see fishes in a pool of water in the mountains and now i saw my friend's faces and they were like let's go back on their faces though they didn't say that on my face.I just said i am gonna stay here today and there faces were like oh no but they agreed might be to keep me happy.

I just didn't knew what that has place has to offer but i was in love in the calmness of that place.Now we took the room in hotel paradise and did some rest and after sometime i had my power nap completed.I woke up and saw one friend was sleeping and one was awake and i asked him let's go outside and explore to which he agreed and we went outside and left the other friend in the room.We saw a wine shop and took just one beer.We were just walking and saw a river side place to sit and i was like it's kind of heaven on earth and i looked at my friend's face even he was of the same view.Things we were changed he suddenly loved the place and i taught him bit of yoga and it was so soothing environment for both of us. We had our beer and spent some time there and trust me we were like let's sit for the whole of our life here but we moved in sometime and we saw a shop and had omelettes and they were delicious and with the most budgeted price just Rs 35 for 2 omelettes.Then moved a bit in the whole city as it was a small city and moved back to the hotel and the friend that went with me woke the other friend as well and he couldn't resist where we have been and suddenly i could see a eagerness to see the same place and it was evening time and we all went to the same place and the even third friend was like wow what a place it is and i thanked god as i was the one who brought them to this place

we sat for quite a time there and enjoyed the peace and as it was kind of dam constructed there and the voice of water surrounded by lush green forest and i just got in love with that place and sat there doing nothing which i just loved. and now we moved around city and borrowed some wine and went to an another place which was also on the river side and had a big pipe through which water was coming out at real pressure at frequent intervals. We were all in love with Barot and we drank a bit and now we were all dancing on the road with the music turned on and we had river on one side and lush green forest on the other it was like King type feeling with enjoying the heaven on earth and to my surprise one of the friends said i have done a lot of fun in my life but this is something special.I felt so much of proud on me and we were enjoying and it was becoming late so one of friend asked let's go back but we were in no mood to go back locals were passing and also dancing with us and but after sometime friend convinced us to go back we agreed to go back.

We sat in the car but we had twist in the tail as there was one difficult road and our car got stuck we tried to push but to no help.

Then came 2 localities on the bike and we requested help from them to which that guy immediately took our car to the main road.

We thanked them and we reached our hotel both of my friends went to sleep as they were tired.I decided to go outside and sit.

Suddenly the temperatures had dropped and it was really cold but the peace that i was enjoying sitting in the garden was worth it.I sat there for good amount of time and then finally went inside to sleep and we woke up around 7 Am and we were so lazy and we were behaving like why do we need to go from this place but somehow we convinced ourselves and we were having our breakfast.

I saw a lady filling holes on the roads with the stones. One thing that can be learnt from the people of Barot is just help each and everyone .

People of Barot have beautiful heart and we waved a by to Barot.

Day 3

Now we were going back to Bir from there we had a plan to billing where paragliding is done but it was closed at that time.

We were going as most of the people had suggested us to go and have a look at the view and yes the view was awesome with clouds next to you and weather was so nice as we were enjoying the weather and road was also awesome but at 3 points road was totally broken it only had stones thanks to my both the friends. I really didn't know how they managed to drive the car there but they did so and that to very comfortably and we reached billing There was a shooting going on for some ad. We trekked for 5 minutes till that place and sat and enjoyed the shooting and at the same time scenic view. Now we were coming in the view of the ad they asked so politely sir could you please shift a bit to which we agreed happily.I just don't understand when you are in mountains you feel so good and everyone around you looks so beautiful by heart. We had a maggi and tea how can you forget to have these two things when you are in mountains and then we moved back to Bir.

Now we arrived in Bir and reached a Buddhist temple but unluckily that was closed though it was so beautiful to see from outside and then moved to an another Buddhist temple and that was closed to but we asked everyone one there if they could open the temple and they tried their best but unfortunately the person who had the key was not available and then we some met some people who told us about Buddhism they told us how much they concentrate on peace and even an ant is human and we should respect them as well. We were so amazed after hearing this.We decided to have our dinner in the temple canteen.There was one guy sitting and he asked us to call him Lama and i said Lama Paji (Paji is Punjabi(Language) word which is used to show respect to the elder brother). We were sitting there and chatting with that guy and it seemed like we met someone we have known from such a long time.We were laughing,enjoying a lot.Then that guy did some pose and i asked him what is it he said this is to digest the food and then all of us started doing that pose and we were just laughing and enjoying and we just felt how beautiful this life is and then after sometime that guy left and we were really missing him and to my surprise he came back and had 2 water bottles for us.We were so obliged and thanked him.I realized i need to learn a lot still in the art of helping people and then we left from Bir.

Day 4

Now we were going back to Jalandhar and we were trying to find a route for Punjab and the suddenly i saw a house open and there was a lady who was cooking food and i was really afraid as what to do because it was 9:00 pm that lady might not get afraid of me.

As i was far from there house and then somehow got the courage and said sister and she came out and i asked her the way to Punjab.She realized that i was really uncomfortable in asking so she replied so politely and told me the way.This made me realize world is full of beautiful people.We need just need the right eyes to see it.

Now suddenly my friend said let's go to Dharamshala and we were surprised now where did this come from.

As i have visited this place only 2 months while doing Truind Trek.I tried my best by saying the roads are bad and all(though i just said that as the roads are quite good) but my friend didn't listen at all and we moved to Dharamshala. and then i thought of the beauty that this place has to offer and finally we reached took our hotel and had our rest.In the morning we moved to McLeodganj and then we visited Bhagsunag temple and Bhagsunag waterfall.The water there was very cold and it was so scenic to see water flowing at such an high speed and we enjoyed under it. We were singing.dancing and doing anything as we were so happy to be there.Though the water was so cold that we didn't even dare to go till the end of waterfall.Now we moved back and visited Shiva cafe on the way back and we went a bit ahead of that and saw a water flowing in the river.

It was beautiful to see as you can only see water,tress and the bit of noise coming from the flowing water which adds to the flavor of peace in the mountains.

Now after enjoying we reached Dharamshala Dal lake and then the cricket ground and i guess that is the highest ground in the world.

The view was awesome and i was wondering how do cricketers even play here because if i am there i would just have been saying wow wow.

What a place it is and then it started raining how can this not happen when you are in mountains and then we were waiting under a shed.

I saw some creature there then my friends told me it is a snail.I had seen that first time in my life. As the rain stopped we started heading back towards Jalandhar as were going back we were like let's go to Amritsar but somehow that didn't work and we moved back to Jalandhar and then headed back to our respective homes.

This trip has taught me just to help each and everyone and never hesitate in asking for help and Thanks to both of my friends for all the craziness that we shared in this trip.

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