Valley of Flowers: A door to Heaven

7th Oct 2022
Day 1

The name of this place makes you imagine that it would be a place full of flowers and butterflies but that's not the case. It is entirely different from how you imagine it to be and that's okay because it makes you explore the beauty of the journey you take to reach the riverbed. It pushes you to notice nature finely. There were plenty of flowers which I came across and the best part of it was, how keenly it made me look for them!

This place was definitely a retreat for me because it was a perfect combination of learning new things + admiring every second of the beauty around me. I met a different side of mine and words just can't describe how motivated I feel after this trip. If you are up for exploring as well as learning then this place is for you!

"Come out of your comfort zone and try something new, trust me you won't be disappointed".

Sometimes, it can be hard to take that call and do things on the basis of your gut but you know what only you have the power to change the way you wish to lead your life so don't step back when obstacles hit your way, instead find an off-road track like a true traveller and reach your destination.