Village Life....

Photo of Village Life.... by LOG
Photo of Village Life.... 1/5 by LOG

What is life all about?

Most people would say closeness to nature, less pollution, good people.

But I think that there's a deeper reason.

Imagine, You wake up, as the first bird start singing, you didn't need an alarm because you have had plenty of sleep. As you wake up, you sit and listen to the birds. you take time to realize that you have woken up. Now as your body gets ready for the day, you get up, do your chores and get ready for a walk to the farm. As you walk to the farm, you don't hurry. You take your time to get there, interacting with neighbors and animals.

Photo of Village Life.... 2/5 by LOG
Photo of Village Life.... 3/5 by LOG

A bit of physical work freshen your mood. You have no meetings to attend, just a farm to tend. You reach your farm, and have a good look at the current scene of the place. Is there any problem? Is the soil ready to be ploughed? Is rain near? Do you need to water the plants? Are any fertilizers required? Any pests damaging the crops? All it takes is a good look and a bit experience.

Photo of Village Life.... 4/5 by LOG

Your work for the day is done. You can relax now. You either sleep below a tree, or return home for food. In the evening, you sit and chat with your friends and neighbors. Nothing much to do. As the night draws in, you return to your home and prepare the dinner. Then eat the simple good early. Then you prepare to sleep. If the sky is clear and it's summer, you choose to sleep below naked sky. All the silence, mixed with the blinking of the stars. Late night isn't a concept in a village. You sleep.

"Peace"...... No hustle, No deadlines, No worries of career, no worries of the future. The best thing about village life is Time. You have lots of it. So much that you don't know what to do of it. So you choose to sleep peacefully instead.

Photo of Village Life.... 5/5 by LOG