Vrindavan Diary

22nd Mar 2016

Fuck off!! I don't need the limelight

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Let's party!!

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Colours make me happy

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I know what you did last Holi

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I am the sufferer

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I see what's going on!

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I don't care

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I believe there are two types of noise you deal with — Noise which is music to the ears, the other monotonous, nevertheless we can’t live without both.
This time I choose to add colors to the noise undaunted of what lies next and it took me to no hills, no deserts, nor the seas, in fact, it carried me to the basics.Though celebration was in my mind, and all I wanted was to drench myself into the festive colours.

You must have noticed in the previous journey that I am a very frugal traveler hence prefer travelling solo and make worth use of every penny I spend.
This time, my path took me to the lanes of Vrindavan, where I reached via the regular train service available from Nizamuddin, New Delhi. It was a matter of 3 hours and I was right there at Mathura Jn. with a backpack behind, I took an Auto-rickshaw to Vrindavan, a journey of yet another 12kms approx.

It is always wise to book hotels prior to arrival as at the peak festive season the hotels and guesthouses are usually jam-packed. Though I reached two days prior to the Holi event; it must be to your knowledge that the celebration and people from across globe flock at the venue 15-20 days prior to the main event.
There are many different ways of celebrating Holi – Phoolon ki Holi (played with flowers), lathmar Holi (played with stick and shield) 3)Rangoon ki Holi (played with the usual colours). Well, there are many ways Holi is celebrated; however my visit could accommodate just three of its type.

On the day before the big colour event, it’s time when Holika burns, here a stack of hay is lit on fire commemorating the victory of good over evil. Watching the flame rising high on one hand took me to a state of trance and on the other hand Honey Singh's song tickled my funny bone -- the irony of the common man’s favourite.

Though my camera isn't as brave as it should be in confronting flying colous, nevertheless these are few of the glimpse of the festival though my lens.

N.B. Please remember Vrindavan is not a place for non-vegetarians’ delight and cocktail lovers. But there are always other means to get high. If you know what I mean.