When I Had Kodi Bengare Beach To Myself!

7th Nov 2019
Photo of When I Had Kodi Bengare Beach To Myself! by Geethanjali S

Part 2

I’d reached a dead-end, & I didn’t know where to go with my growling tummy. Leaving behind the cemented road, I took the mud road figuring my way out to the beach. Nestled among the tall coconut trees were homes of the locals. I could hear the waves crashing, & as I walked further, I could see huge rocks of all shapes keeping a close watch over the beach. I thought it'd be better if I asked someone how to go rather than walk aimlessly & so, I went to a house that was just a few metres away. The middle-aged man from the house was kind enough to walk me till the path carved from stone that lead to the beach. Again, he warned me of the dangers of getting in the water.

After sliding down the stairs (not literally), the view was very disappointing. To see rags, plastic & glass bottles littered all over the shore, inviting a murder of crows was a little scary too. The water, however, looked clean because it had blown all the debris on to the shore, a return gift to mankind, I must say! Are we ever going to learn not to litter natural habitats? I doubt!

I somehow escaped my way out of this garbage dump, & I was admiring the beauty of the place. I couldn't contain my excitement any longer as I got closer to the confluence. The sand was moist, & I was fighting my fear, I'm an Aquaphobic, mind you. What if the water got really tough? What am I gonna do then? Is anybody gonna rescue me? My head was flooded with so many 'what-ifs'. I had the beach to myself, & I was only trying to befriend the not-so-calm waters.

Quickly grabbed my phone to stream live on Instagram. A couple of them joined, & my moral support boosted. My heart skipped a beat when I tripped over a staircase woven by the sands of the beach. I walked further & was finally beaming with joy when I found the curve, the curve that merged two different water bodies. The moment is forever etched in my memory. The water was blue & there were way too many ripples. The colour palette at the beach was breathtakingly beautiful! My hunger gradually faded as I got busy living the moments of solitude.

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