Why you need to choose the right travel partner


‘As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination.’

Truer words were never spoken.

Travel is the best, but sometimes it does bring out the worst in a person. If you are looking to travel the world or even explore your city, the right companion can help bring out the essence of travel. While the wrong one, well, let’s not venture there.

So choose your travel partner wisely. Choose someone who will keep you grounded and safe. You may not get to explore that steep mountainside, but sometimes, when you know you can’t trust your instincts (I know I can’t), it’s good to be with someone who has a better chance at winning the whose-gut-is-better game.

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But then, also find someone with whom you don’t always have to agree. Travelling, for me, is about broadening horizons and learning about things outside the four walls of the house, school, or workplace. So a travel partner who makes you jog your grey cells once in a while is actually not bad.

Also make sure you’re with someone you can spend all your time with, without wanting to strangle each other. Because you’ll probably be sharing a bus ride, a scrumptious meal, or even a room with them. Unless you want to spend your holiday in awkward silences, of course.

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But you don’t have to stick to your travel buddy all the time. Take some time for yourself. Wake up a little early and take that walk by yourself, or indulge in your book at a different corner of the meadow. Not only will you both appreciate the solitude, but will also have more tall tales to swap with each other over coffee.

Travel is messy. It’s full of arguments, cancellations, unpalatable food, nasty people, and failed attempts at reading maps. You may end up spending a night shivering outside your hotel because they messed up your reservation, or you will have to walk 10 kilometers to the nearest bus stand that will take you home. But if you have a travel buddy who doesn’t mind wandering the unfamiliar streets with you, hold on to them, because they are precious.

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Finally, travel with someone who always keeps chocolates. Period.