Indulge in Travel to Heal Your Relationship.


Indulge in Travel to Heal Your Relationship

Photo of Indulge in Travel to Heal Your Relationship. by Amol Sonawane

Have you started feeling like the relationship between you and your partner has become a bit dull? Do you worry that perhaps being a boring couple might later on lead to problems for your relationship?

I have got the perfect solution for you, why not become a travelling couple?

You might scoff and say travel cannot be the solution to all the problems.

And you may be right.

When you as a couple, spend time together and truly work on your relationship, with the help of the precious personal time you would get to spend with just your partner, away from your work and the daily rush of city by travelling together. That is when you find your problems melting away in the warmth of your regained spark.

So if you are a couple, who is having relationship troubles, whether married or unmarried, regardless of your gender and sexuality, Then these are some of the tips that you should take into consideration to heal your bond with your partner by the help of travelling together.

A Date Night with Your Partner

Does that sound mundane to you? you must be wondering that it’s something that you have done before multitude of times, and you must be confused as to how that Might bring positivity into your relationship as well.

Well, Even if you have travelled with your partner before, even if you have gone on many of date nights together, but you must consider the fact that losing the spark in your relationship did not happen suddenly. It must have faded overtime, as you both got busy into your own work. The situation will not change overnight, but going on a romantic date night at one of the famous romantic attractions in your travel destination is a good way to start.

Search online or ask the locals about the best places to go for couples. Take a stroll together along marketplaces in your accommodation vicinity during evenings, start with a small talk, just be in the moment. Try tasting the street food around the area, mingle with the locals, just have some casual mundane conversations with your partner, bit by bit you will feel yourself unwinding.

Sometimes the lack of communication creates a gap between you and your partner. There is no magic trick to solving your relationship problems, but communicating how you feeling and listening to the worries of your partner, even the little routine chat can help mend the gap.

Do something special for your partner, find out about the best places to visit as couples in your travel destination. Be sure to book and reserve the tickets or seats whether an event or an upmarket restaurant.

Your options may vary from a fancy dinner cruise to tasting the local specialty street foods, it all depends on your destination and the nearby attractions along with your mood.

Expensive is not always the answer. You can even choose to go to some cozy and comfortable place with a bit of privacy, where you can enjoy casual moments together. Make your partner feel understood, listen when they talk, and even if it sounds corny, perhaps gift them some flowers, sometimes corny can be good.

Just be there in the moment with them. No office, no work talk, no calls either. just live in the moment with them. Enjoy a date night at a local hidden gem.

You see, anywhere is fine as long as you two are together smiling and having fun.

A date should not be about the expense or the destination it should be just about your partner and you living in the moment together, remember that.

Keep it fresh, Be Spontaneous

Do you ever feel like the freshness that used to be there in your relationship is gone now? Sometimes we get so busy in our work, trying to earn more money in order to build our future house, that we forget what’s really important in life, the people that make that house a home.

Take some time off of your work, just pick a place and leave together with your partner. Usually I would advise you to plan your trip well before visiting, but sometimes spontaneity is required to keep things fresh.

As time flies we grow older, get busy and become a bit boring. Although it sounds perfectly normal, sometimes it can take a toll on your relationship.

Which is why sometimes you just have to stop waiting for that perfect moment, that perfect opportunity. Just buy tickets to any destination you feel like, ask your partner to join you. And off you go!

A thrill of not knowing what comes next is what you are lacking right now in your relationship.

Be spontaneous. Planning things is well and good but sometimes it can be a great hindrance if things do not go according to your plans.

Being able to work around your problems to find a solution, being fresh and spontaneous can be a great help. Your relation needs you to be there with your partner, enjoying the melancholic youthful spirit.

Celebrate like it’s your first Anniversary!

Did you think just because you are on a travel you cannot make arrangements to celebrate that special occasion?

Nothing is a good excuse to delay your partners birthday. You can’t miss out on your anniversary party either. So how about just celebrating it as you travel?

All you have to do is research.

Dig out all the basic info about the special attractions relevant to your theme of the celebration. Choose any place that your partner may like. If it’s their birthday make it all about them.

Make a list of the tourist hubs they may want to visit, their preferred things to do, best events to attend, and top foodie things to do and arrange it all in the best sequence possible.

No matter how hard you try, it’s very probable they might find out, so why not just ask their help in planning it all with them?

The process to planning it all is half the fun!

I must warn you however that you should be careful about your expenses. Remember that you are on a trip with your partner, you need to plan your celebrations around your budget.

If you are travelling under a strict budget then why waste money on world-class Champagne and dinner when you can have much more fun at cozy and homely places?

Remember to click some pictures with your partner to immortalize that day.

Plan happy Surprises for your love!

Remember back when it all started, when you had just recently met your partner everyday was a fresh start, every date you got to know each other a little bit better, ever celebration you enjoy with no restrictions. Sometimes people forget the importance of happy little surprises in our relationship.

When you’re travelling with your partner, although the usual way to do that is hopping from one tell attraction to another, but why not plan a little surprise for thenvhe next time you go out.

You must already know but they like and don’t so why not use that knowledge into making them happy. you should not understimate the impact even the little surprises can bring in your relationship.

If your partner is into gardening and Flowers why not take them into a botanic Garden, without hinting them about it, if your partner loves tasting different kinds of beer or wine then why not introduce them to craft beers and visit a brewery, go on a short wine tasting tour, becoming wine connoisseurs for awhile.

You can choose to plan a small date at a local specialty food joint or a picnic by the Lake.

If your partner is interested in hiking then find trails to hike around your area.

It mostly depends on the type of destination you are in, but no matter where you are in the globe you can almost always find something interesting to do with your partner.

But before you object, no, surprises do not go out of fashion, happy surprises are always welcome, but almost all the little adventures like these keep a relation healthy, fresh and alive.

Strengthen your Bonds with Adventure!

Checkout our blog on some of the most adventurous places here.

There are many ways to enjoy the attractions of neutral destinations.

Some go museum hopping, Some go to musical concerts, some go to the best places to eat street foods, some prefer solo travelling and discovering the city on their own and some travel junkies always require adventure to make their travel interesting.

Travelling around with your partner is interesting enough, But how about if you spice it up with a little bit of adventure mixed in.

There are many travel destinations in the world that offer extreme sports. from bungee jumping to kayaking, Hill climbing to parachute diving.

Facing your fears along with your partner is a great way to set aside the trust issues, it helps heal the broken connection.

Discuss with your partner about the adventures you might like to try out, prepare a bit before going there.

If you are in Tokyo you could go go karting, In India and Nepal you could go hiking up the Himalayas.

If you are in a natural destination along with your partner that has gushing rivers, then you could take part in kayaking and other activities that you might find other tourist groups doing.

It has been observed that recreational activities help healing the bonds between people much more than anything.

Well, There’s no better day than today to go on your own adventure along with your partner.

It can be anything from simple bike tour to trying to go to the peak of Mount Everest.

Once you suffered through risky endeavours together, you will feel a different kind of connection forming entirely.

Find inner peace amidst the nature, Fall in Love again

One of the Best ways for a couple to tour together is going to nice girl this is away from the rush of urban mayhem, spending some quality time with your loved one.

While there may be a lot of do this part in the urban areas of travel hub the peace and quiet offered by nature as irreplaceable.

Go to a Hill station along with your partner for your vacation and try to get to know each other again.

I recommend the book log cabins like Airbnb rental house before you visit such a site. Sometimes the noise of daily rush crowd of cities muffle the conversations that you should be having with your partner.

You can choose to join thinking groups or kayaking enthusiasts, perhaps rent a pair of bikes to your around the forest trails along with your partner.

If you feel like your conversations have stopped being interesting if you feel like your relation has become quite dull then why not try the silence they say silence speaks much.

Why not spend some time along with your partner miss nature far away from the city and your work. get to know each other again, try to understand each others pain.

You don’t even have to talk about stuff that you feel are too heavy.

Why not start small. Talk about mundane things, little by little the tension in the bond between you will start loosening. Little by little you both will realize why you have stuck together for so long. Little by little you will fall in love again..

Once you start feeling comfortable enough in the silence of each others company. You will know that the process of healing has begun.

Stop delaying your relationship troubles, don’t just keep waiting for that ‘right time‘ to start working on your problems. The right time is now.

“Travel is not the solution, it’s the journey to the solution, for the solution lies within you.” -Neelamber Patel

Go on now love birds, Happy Travels!

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