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25th Sep 2019

Every once in a while, you really need to take out some time for yourself. When life gets complicated and stress level increases holidays is always  a good idea.

Well if I talk about myself , "this girl needs pampering", and to be honest so do you.

So just get your girlfriends , pack your bags and plan a trip.

First question arrives here  - where should you go ?

I have a good suggestion and if you found the right travel buddies , it might turn into an amazing trip.

Ohh yes ! This piece of writing is mostly for girl , who wants to travel and might be her first time in doing so.

Hey girl, this world seems cruel at time. When office starts feeling like jail or you still don't know what you really want to do in life or you got heart broken. Don't worry all you need is to clear your head and holidays are like therapy for the screwed life. And if it's your first time you are planning for holidays , I might help you.

Now the question is  - how ?

I know it might be scary at first , lots of questions will pop in your mind every day. So to make you more confident about your holidays , I ll tell you about my first experience of holidays with my girlfriends and no family.

Obviously I was scared too, but you should do stuff that scares you (not like murdering someone, I mean adventure wise).

So we planned a holiday in manali and I really had an amazing holiday.

First of all I want to tell you that you don’t need a guy to protect you (you can keep a pepper spray if you want), I ll advice you to remove this thought from your mind and just remember you are enough.

We were three friends (girls), and we made this plan to run away from  busy life and to clear our heads.

What we did first was - "booking".

Book every important things  in advance like tickets of both  sides and hotel ( you might get discounts from various apps). If you are not sure about the hotel you are booking , book it for a day and you can always extent you stay. We read reviews of many hotels and narrowed  it down to a beautiful hotel in old Manali, we extended our stay there as the place was nice and so as the staff.

Than the next step is to pack bags. Well you know about packing ,there is nothing to tell. Only one advice , take the bag you are comfortable in carrying as there will be no guy to help you with that , no strong arms.

Third step will be decide some places you want to go surely, so that you can divide your days accordingly. Like we had three days so on first day we went to hidamba devi temple and did the tracking for jogini falls , on second day we went to rohtang pass, on third day we went for shopping at old Manali and as well ate the traditional food of Manali. We almost covered every possible place. So planning your day will be great.

Ok I ll walk you through our trip.

 Fasten your seatbelts( I am kidding , I just like the idea of mentioning this).

Anyways when we reached Manali and saw greenery everywhere , we forget every thought that was haunting us in our daily lives. Everything was beautiful, it was just like heaven for eyes.

On checking in the hotel, we already booked days ago , we realized the hotel is really beautiful then the online pictures and the staff was really nice too. They even upgraded our room from deluxe to luxury , (they said its complimentary for us). The view from the hotel was amazing and the room was very clean and beautiful.

We were so excited to go see places that even after not being able to sleep at night in the bus, we get ready really fast and left the hotel room. As at that moment no car was available at the hotel , we decided to walk and find one ourselves.

While walking down the narrow roads of old Manali we saw apple trees for the first time , Maau ( my friend) even video called her family so that they can see those trees too. I was also trying to make videos but it's really difficult to capture the beauty of that place.

We didn’t know the way to the taxi stand so we just went where the road took us. Sometimes it feels really good to walk on roads and not knowing the destination ( that was deep , I know ).

When we were looking for a cab , a car was passing by  and stopped , when the driver saw us wondering . Maau went to him , asked about the cab , he said he will drop us .

Ohh did I forget to mention?

 we were going to hidamba devi temple.

As driver agreed to drop us , we got into the car. He dropped us at the gate of the temple and when were paying him , we didn’t had change. So he said its ok , he was ready to leave without being paid but Maau got out all the change she had and gave it to the driver, and we thanked him. He was really a nice person.

Now about the temple.

Hidamba devi temple is a very beautiful place .It is an ancient cave temple dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, wife of Bhima, a figure in the Indian epic Mahābhārata. The temple is surrounded by a cedar forest called Dhungiri Van Vihar at the foot of the Himālayas. The sanctuary is built over a huge rock jutting out of the ground which was worshiped as an image of the deity. The structure was built in 1553 by Maharaja Bahadur Singh.

Enough about  the history.

There were people who had rabbits , sheep and yaks ; they were giving them for taking pictures but obviously paid. First of all we decided not to take those things but after watching people dressed in the traditional dresses , our mind changed. We got those traditional dresses and  clicked pictures with sheep and yak. All  yaks had very cute hair cuts and sheep was so cute, its like they were smiling constantly. We really had a great time there and we even interacted with the vendors who gave us the dresses , they were too happy to see us in their dresses.

And don’t worry if no body compliments you , they will and with the  bottom of their heart.

After clicking pictures and adoring beauty of the cedar forest and temple , we were wondering where to go.

Than I remember one of my friend just visited jogni falls and he advised me to do the same, so we took a cab to jogini falls. Cab driver dropped us on the foot of the trekking trail, and we started walking.

I should tell you if you don’t exercise regularly it's quite a task for you , am saying you from personal experience as I and Maau were trying our best to trek without stopping but it was impossible for us to climb nonstop. Our friend Gayu was walking better then us ( she plays football daily , obviously she ll not get tired quickly).

We were trekking and enjoying every bit of it. The view was amazing  and there were vendors at that height. We were really surprised as some of them were really old and they trekked their way up with all the stuff they want to sell. So seeing their hard work , we bought something to eat or drink from every vendor we came across.

It took us 3 hours to reach the jogini falls, and believe me after watching that we said to ourselves - " dude , it was worth it".

We went really close to the waterfall and the water was really cold. I felt really happy at that time it was my first trekking experience and the destiny was damn beautiful. We  felt  so peaceful and everything seemed so mesmerized. After adoring the beauty of that place we trekked down and we find a Maggie point there.

Mountain Maggie !!!! Who would miss that ?

We had tea and Maggie there while enjoying the view. AWESOME!

Than we reached to New Manali market and I bought a nose pin ( nobody wants to know that but I was excited while  buying that , so worth mentioning).

We took a cab for hotel. Now night is also an amazing part of vacation.

You get to bond and be yourself. We had delicious dinner at the hotel. I should tell you our hotel served so tasty food. Than we sat in the  balcony , it was cold but we anyways stayed their for a while. The night was never this beautiful. We talked for hours and we even danced to our fav songs. And fell asleep together.

Next day , our gayu woke us up early.

Ohh she is an early  bird. We had our breakfast and we left for rohtang pass. We already asked the hotel cab driver to arrange for rohtang pass. He sent a driver for us. The driver knew better then us so we kind of trusted him on everything , he helped us getting clothes and shoes for snow on rent. The way to rohtang pass was beautiful.

 Imagine watching mountains on both sides and a pahadi song playing in car.

When we reached rohtang pass (zero point) , there were only 4-5 people there. The cold breeze was making us shiver and we really thanked the driver for the clothes at that time or else we would be freezed to death ( I am dramatic sometimes). Whoever who didn’t saw snow in their life, it looks and feels like the extra snow we got in our freezer, that our mom's use to scrape out. We played in snow, slipped in snow and frankly it felt like a dream to me. I was actually on a mountain with snow and of course the view.

We left for old Manali after playing in the snow for 2 hours. I want to tell you though I was looking like a doremon in my overall.

Again a night of delicious hotel food and making memories with friends.

I remember  that line from friends when Rachel said -" I got my magic beans", I felt like I got mine on this vacation.

Last day ….Shopping day !!!

We had to  check out from hotel till 12 in the noon, so we packed our stuff and got ready , cleared the bills , left the hotel. We went to Volvo point as we have the luggage with us and we can't roam around with them. There was a room at Volvo point where they take care of your bags , charges you 100 per bag. So we left our bags there and went for shopping.

 First we went to new Manali. Their we remembered that the cab driver who took us to rohtang told us about " siddu" , a traditional dish of Manali. So we started searching for siddu and got to know that we ll get that in old Manali.  We went to old Manali and did some shopping , found a shop who served siddu.

Siddu was like a stuffed momos + idli + larger in size, it tasted odd at first but when our tongues started to like it , we ate it all.

Our bus driver called us and informed us to reach the Volvo point by 5pm.

I was the one with the google map and trust me nobody should trust me with the google map. I made my friends walk for 2 km to reach the Volvo point just because I took them the wrong way( but they still love me).

we really had a great time together. The nature was mesmerizing , it felt so peaceful, the sound of water falling from jogini falls making us realize that we are alive. Fresh air and stars in the sky at night , felt like time stopped there. When I feel sad or stressed in present , I think about that time and it really calms my inner demons down. You got one life girl and I know you have the courage to do everything you want to.  Give yourself this holiday as a present for being so strong.

I hope you liked this piece of writing and I wish it help you somehow.

Any questions you want to ask about my holidays or any random question that pops in your mind after reading this you can DM me on insta -@adcrandomness.

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