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Spotting wild animals in the wilderness and sleeping under the sky full of stars, is what every traveler dreams of.

Running behind the colorful butterflies during the day and chasing a group of fireflies during the night hours, is what fascinates the kids when in Jungle.

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Shooting (with camera) animals during an act and waiting for that perfect shot of a rare bird for hours is a photographer's passion.

We all love jungles, don't we?

That blissful morning with chirping sounds, that peaceful night around the bonfire, that cool breeze and the rough forest trails are the things what we crave for in cities. Don't we?

But to keep our jungles and its inhabitants the way they are, we must abide by the some jungle rules.

We at yatripandit, have learnt these rules after our various trips to the wild.

Let them cross, you must wait - We must understand the forests belong to animals like the towns belong to humans. While on a jungle safari, if you see any animal crossing the way, kindly stop the vehicle, switch off the engine and just wait till it crosses the way. However, I am sure it won't mind you clicking some good pictures ????

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No-Honking - The only noise signal valid in the wild is the sound of the birds and animals. Please do not demonstrate poor manners by honking and spoiling the melody of the silence prevailing around.

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Do not jump out, stay in your safari - If you spot a tiger or any creature which excites you, please calm down your adrenaline rush and stay inside the safari because neither the animal nor your guide shall be responsible for any fatal accident. Do not litter - Trash, especially plastic is the biggest enemy of forests and the residents. Always carry a bag to collect trash back with you and never throw any waste in the jungle. It's our moral responsibility to keep our jungles clean and green.

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Be nice to your guide - Being a Jungle guide is a tough and risky job. Jungles are usually closed for tourism during rainy season and guides and jobless. Ask a lot of questions but at the same time be nice and respectful to them. Give them some tip and wishes before bidding adieu, let your guide remember you forever.

Never try to scare animals - Always remember jungle belongs to animals, never try to scare them by any weapon or especially fire. Karma is a bitch and it bites back. Do not loose heart - If you could not spot a tiger, rhino or an elephant; do not be disheartened because of 2 reasons :- - Their population is not as huge as ours

- They want you to come back soon to their territory

And as they say, "You might have not seen the tiger, but he has surely seen you." Always leave the jungle with a smile and a promise to come back.

Photo of YP Original || Rules of the Jungle by Abhimanyu 5/5 by Abhimanyu - @yatripandit

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Story By : Abhimanyu_Yatripandit