best family holiday destinations in the world

2nd Feb 2019
Photo of best family holiday destinations in the world by Gaurav Kumar


If you’re fed up with the unpredictability of the UK summer and are craving sunshine and relaxation, why not book yourself a break somewhere in Europe or further afield? Your options are unlimited but booking a beach holiday has many advantages especially when combined with a beautiful self-catering holiday home.

Why booking a best family holiday destinations in the world is good for you

Life is stressful. Balancing work, family and a social life is enough to keep anyone busy; we all need a break every now and again. The beach is great for everyone whether couples, friends or families and provides many opportunities for lazing in the sun snoozing, reading a good book or catching up with friends and family and they’re not the only benefits; here are a few more:

It increases our vitamin D intake. When approached responsibly, a bit of sun is healthy for us. Vitamin D is good for our immune system and assists in the uptake of calcium and phosphorous which help keep our bones healthy and strong; it is also good for our mental health.

It’s good for our health. Seawater is packed full of minerals and known to have a positive impact on skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. The salt can also help relieve symptoms of hay fever, sinusitis and other sinus issues.

It’s great exercise. Whether it is swimming in the sea or partaking in water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking, the beach offers plenty of opportunities to get out and get active; it’s brilliant exercise.

An opportunity to catch up on sleep. We are so often sleep deprived in our normal lives. So whether it is a long lie in or an afternoon nap on a sun lounger, beach holidays are the perfect place to catch-up on sleep.

A chance to treat yourself. Beach resorts are known for their food and drink, with plenty of local, fresh delicacies to choose from, and you can enjoy them surrounded by beautiful views and great company.

Where to find best family holiday destinations in world

Now you have decided to head to the beach; you need to think about where to stay. It can be tempting to book one of those enticing all-inclusive hotels and resorts but before you do, consider the benefits of a beach holiday combined with the home comforts of a house rather than the confines of a hotel. Self-catering holiday villas bring you flexibility, privacy and the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in your own space, along with many other benefits, some of which are listed below.

It will save you money. If you’re holidaying as a group or family in a hotel, you either need to cram into one room or separate yourself into different ones, which gets expensive. Hiring a house often works out cheaper, especially if you make the most of RentalCloud’s auction feature, and you have the option of saving money on food and drink as well.

You can eat what you want, when and where you want. With all-inclusive packages, you eat in the same place every meal surrounded by the same people. In a holiday villa, however, you have your pick of restaurants and the ability to save money and cook for yourself.

Take advantage of better facilities. Whether you book a place with a private pool, patio and BBQ area or balcony overlooking the sea, you are likely to have far more facilities in a holiday villa than you would in a hotel, such as free Wi-Fi, a fully stocked kitchen and a washing machine, among other things.

Enjoy more space. In a hotel, the only private place you have is your room, and even that is accessed daily by a maid. In a holiday home, you can all have your own rooms as well as communal areas where you can relax, eat and drink or play games; it’s more sociable and homely.

Appreciate a more authentic experience. Hotel resorts are a bit like a bubble; you experience your location from inside the hotel. With a holiday villa, you can have a unique experience and live like a local. Eat more places, visit other beaches or resorts, and benefit from the local knowledge of your host who should be able to answer questions and make recommendations.

And, while you may think that hotels are the more secure and safer option, you don’t need to worry about that either. If you book through RentalCloud, you have the peace of mind of knowing that all rentals have been verified by us and are safe and trustworthy. You also save money because we don’t charge booking fees! Find out more or book your beach break on our website now.