Can you take a tour of the Hoover Dam?

Photo of 1665 Boulder City Parkway, Boulder City, NV 89005, USA by Alena Mathew

Hoover Dam is the symbol of America’s pride; after all, we all know the history behind it. Not just that, the Hoover dam is also recognized as the National Historic Landmark for its brilliant engineering innovations.

This scenic precinct has lots to offer right from musical Theatres, bars and restaurants to commodity stores, and much more. Not just the pristine blue waters of the lake, but even the massive dam is a visual treat. Thus, allowing the visitors to fully appreciate the dam and learn the history in fun ways.

How to reach the hoover dam?

If you decide to visit the dam from Vegas, then you can easily come across various tour services that offer delighting Vegas to hoover dam tours at a competitive price. If you are into adventure, then Hoover Dam Scooter Tours is the best place to book your trip.

They offer scooter rides right from Vegas to the hoover dam with proper escorted services.

Moreover, you do not need to have a license to ride on the roads.

Your guide will also halt you and your group at various places to click the Instagram-worthy pictures. Which means you get to experience spectacular surroundings during your ride.

Furthermore, your Vegas to hoover dam tours using a scooter will be cost-effective.

Important tips while visiting the dam

1- Are you planning to take the tours from Las Vegas to the hoover dam during a hotter climate? Then make sure to carry enough water because the dam can become quite warm.

2- Avoid carrying heavy luggage or any hazardous things because the Hoover Dam is continuously under heavy security. You can expect multiple checks throughout your visitation.

3- Avoid carrying any food and beverages because it is forbidden inside the Hoover Dam. However, if you are hungry, make your way towards the visitor center to refuel with affordable food.

4- To make your time worthwhile during the trip, make sure that you opt for comfortable shoes and clothing because you will have to walk a lot. Also, ensure to carry sunblock, a scarf, or a cap to protect your skin and hair from wind and sun.

5-If you want to view the Hoover Dam in its full glory, Mike O’Callaghan- Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is the right spot.

Bottom line

We hope this blog post was able to offer you the right information regarding your trip to Hoover Dam.