Fishing in the USA

19th Jun 2020
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The United States of America is not a very popular country for trophy fish hunting. But it doesn't seek to prove anything to anyone. The vast areas between the two oceans are covered by a network of natural and man-made rivers and lakes.

The United States is a country of severe Great Lakes and great rivers to the south, swampy forests of Louisiana and rushing rivers of the Rocky Mountains. Fishing in this country is as diverse as the terrain and climate of this vast power.

Where to fish in the United States

Fishing in America for most fishermen is associated with trophy fishing off the Atlantic coast of Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico. Yeah, it's an undeniably great place to catch. But U.S. waters are not only rich in fish resources in the south.

Fishing in America is typical:

1) fresh water fishing in New England, student Minnesota, natural and man-made waters on the East Coast;

2) sea fishing on the coast and off the Atlantic Ocean, not only in the south but also in the north;

3) river fishing in the Rocky Mountains and on the Pacific coast;

4) trophy fishing in the Pacific Ocean;

Fishing in America is multifaceted and diverse.

What kind of fish can be caught in America

There are some fish species in the United States and Canada that are not found anywhere else. The most famous of these are bass, toboggan fish, American pike and North American perch.

On the coast, fishermen prefer to catch familiar marine fish, as well as salmon, trout and sturgeon entering rivers for spawning.

Fishing methods used in the United States include:

1) spinning (with ultra-light fishing gear in honor);

2) trolling;

3) flyover;

4) Float tackle

Fishing restrictions in the United States

It's impossible to imagine fishing in America without a license. Fishing permits in America (annual and seasonal, general and for a particular fish) can be bought almost everywhere. Without a license to fish in America there is nothing to do. There is always someone who will report everything to the appropriate authorities. Fines for fishing without a license in the United States are prohibitive.

Throughout the country there is a rule of "one fisherman - one fishing rod", no matter what method of fishing is chosen. Each area may have its own fishing rules regarding the size of fish caught. Most often, American fishermen follow the "catch-leave-release" rule. They don't eat enough fish.

Restrictions on catching

You can learn more about the features of fishing in America from our managers, who will also tell you about the fishing bags, fishing tours in the U.S., the services that you can get on site.

Fishing in America is fishing for those who want to discover the new world!