My Uncomplicated (Indian) Wedding

27th Sep 2016
Photo of Ærø, Ærø Municipality, Denmark by Selfietales

I have always been repelled by the grandiosity of Indian weddings, the elaborate functions, the milieu of relatives, drab humor and the generous gifting with no sensitivity to the couple. The aversion prompted me to explore alternatives, to make it a milestone in the remarkable journey to be.

The search led to outrageous ideas until I came upon the Baltic island of Aero. Painted houses, cobbled streets, thatched farms, windmills and rich green fields welcome on disembarking the ferry from Svendborg. Aero emanates romanticism, the feeling of love and a hope of endless unity.

Denmark values the decision of consenting adults and validates a marriage with the simplest of procedures. Reserve a date, bring the original documents for identity and marital status and show up before the registrar to tie the knot. Thirty minutes is all it takes to seal the decision of a lifetime, avoiding the illustriousness nonetheless forging a distinctly memorable impression.

The exclusivity of the destination is not a reason for isolation, solicit the presence of your loved ones, adorn the perfect attire and let the Danes elegantly glam you for the picture perfect moment that will be shared over the generations.

The Old Merchants Court in the heart of the old town is ideal for a private affair alternatively, if more guests are to join, opt for the beach or the lighthouse. The choices are enticing to the extent that a toss of a coin may be required for the indecision. The ceremony can be glamorized with a vintage car, a horse-drawn carriage and concluded by cutting a wedding cake. The marriage is accepted and recognized world over, nonetheless, an accompanying Apostille certificate will add to the acceptability.

The Danish islands are an ideal honeymoon destination and stay can be extended, alternatively, travel north to get a glimpse of the magical Aurora Borealis or south to the Mediterranean islands depending on the time of the year. The options are unlimited and enticing enough that a few months of celebrations will also feel inadequate.

Conviction is sufficient to jump on the bandwagon of couples keen on making the momentous occasion cherished for life in a personal setting.

Note: The Image used is from culturetrip.

If you wish visit the place, just drop me note- and I will be happy to help !

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