Rishikesh will answer all your life's questions.

13th Oct 2018
Photo of Rishikesh will answer all your life's questions. by Disha kocharekar

Mom-dad, never raised me to be dependent on anyone. They always taught me, how to make my own decisions?! How to choose my own path?! To live the dreams and to be happy. Corporate life, 9 to 5 was never my dream. I never wanted to work with big companies that will pay me big.
Many will think, if travelling forever is my dream. But nope, the only dream and the only lifestyle that i want is to live my life on my own commands, to do whatever my heart says at the next hour. Let that be working my ass off on a project, or let that be painting a beautiful picture, let that be writing and making a blog or to pack my bag and have the next big adventure. .
This picture is captured in Rishikesh. Driving towards the riverside campings, you will find alligator camps on the way. Their camps are new and hence more better than everyone around. Beside their camps, flows the mesmerizing Ganga river.
And I'll never forget this beautiful day in my entire life, because that day Ganga satisfied my ultimate thirst of knowing the answers to all those questions, that were flooding my mind before.
I sat there for entire 30mins. The quiet surrounding was filled with beautiful sounds of the flowing river. There was no one around and it was really very peaceful. It was for the first time in my entire life, that my mind was quiet for the whole 30mins. Later, a friend called me and at that moment the only thought that came in my mind was, "Disha, you need happiness in your life, do whatever that makes you happy".  "Material life is not for you, but if you truly believe in your dreams and in your happiness, money will definitely flow".
It was truely said, "travelling lefts you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller".
A new beginning is around the corner, and damnnnn i'm excited for it.

Photo of Rishikesh will answer all your life's questions. by Disha kocharekar