Love story with a Rock climber

Photo of Love story with a Rock climber by Neha Ballal

Most people get jealous of other girls or boys or living beings when it comes to their love story. But I get jealous of rocks! Now is that even possible you'd ask. Yes. My fiancé looks at rocks with more love in his eyes, than me at times! Haha

Rock climbing in India is now slowly developing into a proper adventure sport with many people trying it out just as they do rafting or bungee jumping. And my fiancé has started an outdoor adventure company in Dehradun called Beyond The Wall to introduce peopel to rock climbing.

And yes it is fun, certainly. I always wanted an outdoorsy type, a boy who would keep me on my toes, but boy did I not anticipate this. That I would get jealous of rocks!

Him and his love

Photo of Love story with a Rock climber by Neha Ballal

The last one year, I have travelled to various places with him, yes. But all for rock climbing. So in Dhauj, I would be in the tent while he is climbing at a climbing festival call the Grit fest, at Dhanaulti I was sleeping on a crash pad while he was bouldering and in Dehradun, where we now live, the only place I have explored is the crag at Maldevta!

But life sure is challenging. Getting up and 5.30 to go for the workshop, belaying people till the ropes hurt my fingers, climbing a little here and there until my hands get pumped. Ah his workshop days sure are filled with a lot of buzz.

But everything said and done, being with him has given a new angle to life, a new dimension. I have now started looking at rocks when I go to places for work or when i am travelling, sometimes I also feel like climbing a bit. Getting some muscles in those arms of mine!

Maybe being in love with a rock climber is not so bad, after all ;)