Rishikesh - The Rafting capital of India

24th Nov 2018
Day 1

River rafting in Rishikesh-
    It was my spiritual trip as described in my bio I am   more connected to yoga and meditation, so my this trip was to retreat my yoga buds and learn some new spiritual practices. 
    I stayed in Haridwar and from Haridwar,  Rishikesh is approximately 18.5 kms (from my stay)  which took 40 minutes for us to reach the rafting office,  the place where our booking was done.  Our slot was of 3 pm and it was 2 pm so we decided to have lunch by that time and we enjoyed local cuisine and headed towards shivpuri.
We reached the starting point wore all the necessary safety accessories like helmet and life jacket and carried all the equipments required for rafting. All the material was provided by the organizers and it was perfect, complete care of our safety was taken.
We took some pictures before starting the activity. The technique of rafting was very well taught to us and a well skilled trainer was with us on raft.  We followed the instructions very well and moved forward to put a tick on our bucket list.
   It was 16 kms from Shivpuri to Laxman jhula and it took almost 2 hrs 25 mins.  Streaming through river Ganga,  It was the best experience we ever had. The way had some major rapids like Golf course,  Roller coaster and double trouble,  which was an impeccable experience putting it into words is giving me the same adrenaline rush which we faced at that time.
The water was streaming with greater intensity but still the moment was very calm,  there was peace inside,  mental peace.  Which said me I made the best decision to raft in lap of River Ganga and enjoy the ecstatic atmosphere.  We saw tourist enjoying their musical activity on river front and many of them were foreigners some playing flute,  some playing guitar some were meditating and that made my eyes sparkle.
  When the intensity of waves was very low we got down in water and had few dips and also drank the water,  which was cold and tasted sweet.  It was a type of hydrotherapy which was most required for my brain and body.  We took pictures and also saved the whole 2.25 hours memory in our subconscious mind. We ended our activity near laxman jhula and had the most awesome maggi. Our plan was to attend Ganga aarti but unfortunately we were late so we couldn't.
The most astonishing part was the amount we paid-   and we paid Rs. 400/pp. Which is a kind of free deal for such a great experience. It's a must visit.
Visit once and I am sure you will never say no to visit again.

Photo of Rishikesh - The Rafting capital of India by Laxmi Pandey
Photo of Rishikesh - The Rafting capital of India by Laxmi Pandey
Photo of Rishikesh - The Rafting capital of India by Laxmi Pandey