Storms are meant to Pass- Vridh Jageshwar!!

8th Sep 2018
Photo of Storms are meant to Pass- Vridh Jageshwar!! by Shruthi Rao

It was a time-lapse, as I stood witnessing the dense clouds gradually cover whole of the valley in front. Minds being the greatest equipments of all time and memories being the best images,I felt no need of a device to capture the phenomenal occurrence.

Numbness of cheeks, cluttering of teeth, shiver down my spine were all worth the sight. Which totally made me forget that i needed a warm pair of clothes and to head indoors as the temperatures dropped and would start to pour any time.

Even at this point sun rays were brightly illuminating the snow-clad mountains at the distance which could be seen clear and bright through the binoculars, where as the clouds engulfed the lesser Himalayan mountians around me. Everything so bright and colorful turned grey and dull. All the beings starting to look for a shelter and hide out, fearing their usual habitats and safety of younger ones, chirping out loud as though calling all the loved ones back home.

This made me wonder how can a beautiful part of nature have such dismaying effect on her?How is it something so gloomy seem so destructive?

All this drama lasted at lesser himalayan ranges of Vridh Jageshwar (one of the piligrimage destinations of the region,even though my purpose of travel wasnt that) which is at a distance of 9km from  Panvanaula a village in the district of Almora, where i happened to stay during my travel around the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand. Major credit of this amusing sighting goes to the lodge HimDarshan which is an ideal stay for peace seekers. The home made food and our freedom in and out of the kitchen was an added advantage over the budget stay and great hospitality :)

While there were pictures of same place before and during the storm, it could be seen how just a cluster of clouds could intensify a picture. It is same kind of effect they have on our minds as well. This taught me how only a part of us can be all devastated and dismayed, where in the most admirable parts of us are highlighted by rays of hope .Just because the brighter parts stay hidden behind the greys of life for a while, doesn't mean they don't exist anymore.

Storms are meant to pass. They are just nature's way of cleansing itself from all the past things for the brighter days to follow.