You don't need a visa to travel to this part of the world


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Vanuatu is adorned with serene beaches, age-old active volcanoes and some of the best diving sites in the world. It is a dream destination for any traveller who is looking for adventure and ready to explore a new culture and a new history. The archipelago’s volcanic origin has attracted several TV series directors to shoot on this land and showcase Vanuatu as a destination with stunning landscapes.

Why Travel to Vanuatu?

Language is not a problem here because nearly half of the population speaks English here.

Things to do here:

Scuba Diving: Adding to the beautiful reefs, this place is perfect for history nerds. When scuba diving here, you can get to see the World War II wreckage troopship, SS President Coolidge.

Hiking: Hike to witness an active volcano on Mt Yasur. The plain sight of lava activity is a sight to behold. 45 minutes walk uphill will take you to this terrifying yet intriguing geographical feature. Apart from Mt Yasur, there are several other active volcanoes like the twin volcanoes of Mt Benbow & Mt Marum.

Visit Port Vila: This island of this archipelago nation is one of its kind. Find some of the best beaches and water sports activities here. Visit the National Museum of Vanuatu here.

Mele Cascades: This is a must visit when in Vanuatu. 10km away from Port Vila lies Mele Cascades, where several waterfall tours take place. This place has a line of falls and pools which is a natural twist to the modern day water parks.

Cuisine on offer:

Santo beef and Flying Fox for are the two forms of meat that are considered Vanuatu's delicacy. Most locals here grow their own vegetables and fruits. Most common ingredients used in the local cuisine are root vegetables like taro and yam, lots of tropical fruits and fishes.


It is difficult to say no to a place when you do not need a visa to travel there. Yes! Indians do not need a visa to travel to this part of Earth.

When to go:

The best time to visit Vanuatu is from April to October. This is the time when it is neither too hot nor wet to go sightseeing or enjoy the beach.

Getting there:

There are several airlines that have flights to seven of the islands of Vanuatu from New Delhi.

By air: The main international airport here is in Port-Vila. There is no direct flight to this airport from New Delhi. The tickets price range starts from Rs 1,50,000. Check here for more details.

Getting around:

There are several forms of transportation available here. There are trucks, buses, taxis, ferries and flights too. The cheapest way to travel within the city is to go on foot and hitchhike. However, if you are more than four people then you can choose to take a taxi.


Flight from New Delhi to: Rs 1,50,000 (235962.96 VT),

One-way ticket on local transport: Rs 95 (150 VT)

Taxi starting tariff: Rs 317.85 (500 VT)

Hotel stay in: Rs 7,000 - Rs 22,000 (11011.60 - 34607.90 VT)

A meal: Rs 762.83 - Rs 1200 (1200-2000 VT)


Common areas where people choose to stay in are PortVila for luxury vacations, shopping, beaches and other sightseeing places. On can also explore accommodations in Tanna and Pentecost for more out of the box adventure.

Also, you could check out great offers on hotels and Airbnbs here.

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