This Country Has the Quirkiest Post Office. Can You Guess the Reason?


Have you ever wanted to send a postcard from the bottom of the ocean? Well, now you can! It's like a regular post office, but without the stuffy interior and fluorescent lights. Instead, you get to dive or snorkel down to three meters below the surface, where you can post your specially designed water-resistant postcard.

Wondering where it is? Well, it's in Vanuatu, a tiny island nation in the South Pacific, which is home to the wackiest post office in the world - an underwater post office!

Photo of Vanuatu by Riyanka Roy

The story behind the Underwater Post Office:

Located 160 feet off the coast of Hideaway Island, near the capital city of Port Vila, this office is completely submerged in Mele Bay - yep, you heard me right, underwater!

It came into being as the world's first post office beneath the waves, where visitors can swim down ten feet to a converted fiberglass water tank and post their cards back home. Apparently, the idea was cooked up by the postmaster and a resort owner over some cocktails, and voila - an underwater post office was born!

Working hours:

The Underwater Post Office operates on specific opening hours which are posted on the beach. Visitors are advised to check the beach for these hours before planning their visit. When postal workers are present underwater, a special flag is raised on a float above the site to indicate their availability. It's important to note that the post office is submerged at a depth of 10 feet below the surface of Mele Bay, and visitors must have the necessary diving or snorkeling equipment and experience to access it safely.

The Vanuatu Post Office staff have completed their Open Water dive training at Hideaway Island. This specialized training enables them to perform their duties efficiently and safely underwater, catering to the unique requirements of this innovative postal service.

While Vanuatu still remains an offbeat destination for travellers, this unique attraction has made it a popular destination for adventure lovers who are keen to indulge in new experiences, providing a chance to send a postcard unlike any other!

Are you a postcard lover like me? Have you ever visited any unique post office? Do let me know in the comments below!

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