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5 crazy things I experienced as a Solo Traveller

1st Mar 2015
Photo of 5 crazy things I experienced as a Solo Traveller 1/3 by Ujjawal Sharma
Photo of 5 crazy things I experienced as a Solo Traveller 2/3 by Ujjawal Sharma
dont leave the helmet
Photo of 5 crazy things I experienced as a Solo Traveller 3/3 by Ujjawal Sharma
crazy confidence

R you planning a journey alone? R you scared? R you having a second thought about it….Do you thing travelling will teach you anything……..I leave all these questions to be answered by U..To Identify yourself

How different it would be if there were No History Books? No World Wars? and no threats? Do you think it would have been easy if the whole world was just a single family? Do you think it would be fun? I’ve always had opinion about things , people and places and most of the times i still stick to my beliefs. It wasn’t until i decided to take a step ahead to travel alone . Where was I going? I was going on a journey alone willfully and now i believe that all women must travel solo atleast for a few times in their lives. Here me out to the 5 crazy experiences that I’d never thought exist. Learn to trust people – If at night 3 AM you are boarding a bike taxi with one really unkown guy and he is safely dropping you till your hotel , trust me the random travellers are more trustworthy then your age long boyfriend
Photo of Nusa Dua Beach, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia by Ujjawal Sharma
Learn more about yourself – Solo travelling is one of those random things wherein you are completely dependent on your own self even for a glass of water and a strip of medicine . It teaches you alot about some of those random disciplines that you create for yourself in a small time frame
Photo of Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia by Ujjawal Sharma
Crazy Confidence – Although I always consider myself super confident but still if you’re someone ever wondering about what confidence is — go on a solo trip and you’ll be on cloud 9 ..trust me this is the best thing that can happen to you Super Woman – You’ll be a super woman when you are travelling alone , right from loading your backpack to the check-in counter to arranging money change at a petrol pump in an unknown country . You may feel scared inside your heart looking at all the unknown faces but very soon you’ll enjoy that sight the most Forget it all – Last but not the least when you’ll be travelling alone , you’ll forget all the hustle of your life . When you are on the road driving , inside the sea swimming , touching those small little fishes and experiencing the best colours of lifetime , trust me you’d never regret anything about this life.