Wayanad- The Dream destination of every traveller :)#SwipeRightToTravel

13th Aug 2016

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and travelers are proficient in it." Seeing the nature as a beautiful art and enjoying its bounties is what travelers love to do. Such a scenic place was Wayanad. With its soft drizzles and glistening sunshine over the rain drops enthralling up to a traveler's spine.

Day 1

Day 1: My friends and me started our journey from Mysore. It was roughly a 2 hr journey from our place via Gundlupet and Sultan Bathery to Wayanad. We had a decent breakfast at a roadside restaurant which was filled with the aroma of coconut chutney and masala dosa. Then we headed towards our first view point i.e Eddakal Caves. The caves were high up with the availability of the local pickles, maggie, omelette and tender coconut water at every stop. As said "The view is always beautiful from the top",the place proved every single word true.

After a bit of tiring journey of going uphill and coming down, we headed to Soochipara Waterfalls for a relaxing soak and believe me, "it was worth it". We went down up to roughly a km or so where we could hear the chirping of the beetles and birdies along with the soft rain showers. It was a beautiful pond with the waterfall near it,perfect for the classic time with friends. And after the soak, we finally had our most cherished travel partner "Maggi". Deliciously awesome I must say ,satiating the hunger of travelers since times immemorial :P.

After this we headed to the Jain Temple a stayed at Dreamland Residency at Mananthawady.

Day 2

The next day we headed towards the Thirunelli temple which was a hill top temple with the amazing views of the hills and the city below.It had a custom that boys have to take off their clothes to enter into the temple which was not that amazing to the boys in our group. After this we headed towards Pookode Lake where we enjoyed the boat ride and fish spa.

At last we headed towards the Bansura Sagar Dam which is known to be the 2nd largest dam in Asia. The surprise in that place was the appearance of the beautiful rainbow which added to the beauty of the place. It was just picture perfect.Its just that the drizzles were always the bonus on the show. The rain drops were adding to the excitement of the young hearts. The trip ended with beautiful memories and an increased level of love for travelling.Visit it once and you will be craving for its serenity among the din and bustle of the day in and day out duties.

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