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2. Budget of the tripFor me, this is really simple. How much money do I have? That decides the budget. Unless time or money are your deciding factors, go for an unplanned trip and live my dream. But if you are still reading, then money is a deciding factor. Divide the amount you can spend by the number of days at hand and voila! (Class 3 mathematics-forgive me please!) But unless you intend to do Switzerland in INR 10,000 for 30 days; I believe a trip can be planned with whatever budget (minus the flight ticket and visa) you have.I have been able to plan a low budget trip from 60,000 per head (inclusive of flight tickets in 2015) to a reasonably okay trip of 5 nights-6 days that cost us a Lakh per person. If you are lucky, you can get to and fro flights for as less as Rs 30,000 (sale).Lower budget means fewer frills. Go ahead if that experience still makes sense.These links may help: chf-needed- for-a- 8-day- trip-in switzerland.cfm following decisions, though independent, also decide the budget. To me, there are two ways of planning for a trip: Make all the following decisions and calculate your budget or work backwards.


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