Kolkata- The City Of Joy



Photo of Kolkata- The City Of Joy by Imam Hossain

Kolkata , the Capital of the West Bengal State in India is an unparalleled ''City Of Joy And Culture'' . Visiting Kolkata was a dream of many people back in the first decade of the twenty-first century. It is a place, which holds true to its name as it is full of life and also full of cultural richness.

To get a true picture of Kolkata, one would need to visit the various areas in the city, where the cultural heritage of the place has been preserved. Though the city is spread across various districts, Kolkata remains to be a culturally rich place. Now there are a number of art galleries, museums and various other cultural institutions of the city which can be visited and got a complete picture of the city's history. The cultural events and the exhibitions of the city are some of the highlights in the life of the visitors. Kolkata is the largest and second largest city of India. It has been a part of the India for quite some time now. The city was named after the ruler, Captain George Calcutta, who returned to his homeland after completing his mission. After his return, he was in search of a new capital, which could become the capital of the new state of India. It was here that he settled down and named the new state after his native town. A visit to the city of Kolkata will give you an experience of the rich cultural heritage of India. These include both the traditional and the modern Indian culture. Kolkata has a number of art and museum galleries which showcase the various areas of art and culture of the place. These galleries are made up of collections which are scattered all over the city and will allow the visitors to experience the various art form, which have been a part of the heritage of the city. There are several galleries that have given up some of their treasures, which have been preserved and a museum can be visited for a closer look. This museum is a very special attraction for the city of Kolkata, as it also showcases the various art forms, which have been part of the culture of the country.

Points of Interest

Tour Kolkata’s most famous landmarks on this private sightseeing tour of the city. Check out Mother Teresa’s Mission and Mother House and admire the impressive architecture of iconic structures like the Howrah Bridge and Victoria Memorial. Experience local religion with stops at the Jain Temple and Magen David Synagogue, then tour the University of Calcutta for a bit of academic flavor. The largest cricket stadium in India, allows travelers to experience the beauty of this city from air-conditioned comfort. Highlights Full-day private tour of Kolkata with an expert guide Discover the city's religious diversity with visits to various places of worship like the Jain Temple and the Magen David Synagogue Walk the grounds of one of the top-ranking universities in India, the University of Calcutta Visit two of Kolkata's impressive architectural works: the Victoria Memorial and the Howrah Bridge See Eden Gardens, the largest cricket stadium in India Enjoy a multi-cuisine fare at a popular restaurant Transport by private air-conditioned vehicle Enjoy a bit of time at Eden Gardens, where you’ll learn about the nation’s favorite pastime at the largest cricket stadium in India. After checking out what is arguably the most iconic stadium in the country, make a stop at the Victoria Memorial, a museum that’s home to a vast collection of sculptures, manuscripts, paintings and other items from the time of British rule. Finally, make a stop for photos on the Howrah Bridge—the sixth largest cantilever bridge on earth—as you make your way back to your Kolkata hotel after a day of taking in the city sights.

There is a huge variety of Hotels

The large scale of Kolkata is evident from the fact that it has a number of hotels that give a chance to the visitors to stay in comfort. The various hotels in the city to cater to the varied tastes of the visitors and cater to their every need. There are plenty of hotels that provide room to the tourists who are looking for economical options. There are different types of hotels in the city, which include a beachfront hotel, a budget hotel, and a luxury hotel. It is very important to see the various options available for the guests before finalizing on the budget or the cheap hotels.

The cheap hotels might not be comfortable, but the service offered at the same might be at par with the other hotels of the city. They might not be of the best quality, but the service might be worth the money. It will help the tourists to get the best from the budget hotels. For the tourists coming from abroad, it is always advisable to stay in the city during their vacation, as they would get a feel of the culture, which is very special. In this way, they can explore the city of Kolkata for a better understanding of the cultural values and the way of living. The tourists coming from other parts of the world would be able to visit the city of Kolkata with a lot of ease, if they spend some time in the various sites and buildings, which are located in the city.

If you are looking forward to visit Kolkata in the near future,possibly after the Corona Virus Pandemic situation improves, you can click here - for all the necessary details and information that you need to plan for your tour.