Sangla Tourism and Travel Guide

Translating to “the valley of light” in Tibetan, this city is sheltered in the serene Baspa Valley in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. Though there is nothing very special about Sangla itself, its charm lies in the sprawling Baspa Valley which opens your eyes to nature's true gifts with stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas, especially the Kinner Kailash peak, which one can even trek to. To take a slight glimpse into history, visit Sangla's famous attraction, the Kamru Fort, one of the oldest forts in Himachal. Sangla comes alive with its colourful Phulaich Festival, a festival of flowers wherein Kinnauri inhabitants display their traditions and culture with heartwarming song and dance performances, hosted annually in the months of August and September. The Baspa River banks are home to many camps (Banjara, Kinner, Baikunth Adventure Camp) where you can stay and enjoy a plethora of adventure activities conducted by them, such as river crossing, rock climbing and rappelling. Trekking is another challenging but brilliant way for one to explore the beauty of the valley and its surrounding areas. The Rakcham Trek which is a glacier trek is another well known trek besides the one to Kinner Kailash peak. Cafe 42 and Tibetan Cafeteria are some great places for food.
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