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Translating to “the valley of light” in Tibetan, this city is sheltered in the serene Baspa Valley in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. Though there is nothing very special about Sangla itself, its charm lies in the sprawling Baspa Valley which opens your eyes to nature's true gifts with stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas, especially the Kinner Kailash peak, which one can even trek to. To take a slight glimpse into history, visit Sangla's famous attraction, the Kamru Fort, one of the oldest forts in Himachal. Sangla comes alive with its colourful Phulaich Festival, a festival of flowers wherein Kinnauri inhabitants display their traditions and culture with heartwarming song and dance performances, hosted annually in the months of August and September. The Baspa River banks are home to many camps (Banjara, Kinner, Baikunth Adventure Camp) where you can stay and enjoy a plethora of adventure activities conducted by them, such as river crossing, rock climbing and rappelling. Trekking is another challenging but brilliant way for one to explore the beauty of the valley and its surrounding areas. The Rakcham Trek which is a glacier trek is another well known trek besides the one to Kinner Kailash peak. Cafe 42 and Tibetan Cafeteria are some great places for food.
Best time to visit Sangla is from March to October

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This is the turning point for Kalpa & Sangla....

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We visited Sangla for 2 nights in October 1st week and visited Chhitkul in a day trip from Sangla....

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Kinnaur District, Sangla 416404
Situated in the sangla Valley, this place is famous for the ancient fort built here in pagoda style. The fort houses beautiful idols of Lord Buddha and Kamakshi Devi, a form of Goddess Sati or Dhakti. The idols are placed in the thrid floor of the fort and this has made the place a famous pilgrimage spot too. The idol of Kamakshi Devi is said to have been brought down from Gwahati. There is also a temple of Badrinath here which dates back to the 15th century. A fair is held every three years in honor of the goddess who is taken to the gangotri to get washed.
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Chitkul,the peripheral village halting before the indo-tibetan border in kinnaur district of himachal sits on the banks of Baspa river at an elevation of 3,450 mtrs. With the blissful snow capped peaks and mellow river breeze,it is the most scenic element in and around sangla valley. Claimed upon being one of the deadliest roads,add to it the never ending adventure.ROUTE: (via NH-22)Chitkul is 610kms from the capital territory,Delhi and it takes upto 20-22hrs to outreach the destination.The course is as follows:Delhi-Shimla-Narkanda-Rampur-karcham-Sangla-Rakchham-Chitkul.The NH-22 for Chitkul ends at karcham,where the road bifurcates–one towards Chitkul itself(Indo-Tibetan road) and the other towards Recong Peo.THOROUGHFARE AND GLANCES(Sangla-Rakchham-Chitkul)Surrounded by both sierran and  streaming beauty,Sangla(22kms before chitkul) is a major town in the valley with all basic amenities-petroling, ATMs,hotels. Halfway hitching Sangla and Chitkul is the awed wonder village of Rakchham(10kms before chitkul).Other than its meadows,grasslands and apple orchids, hike and strolling to lower rustic parts,Rakchham-chitkul wild life sanctuary,kumru fort,the river down below and bridges are a must.Though the narrow winding roads have fair conditions,but needs good driving skills.CLIMATE –  The continuum cold climate in the valley is a sure fire for a 4day trip specially to winter lovers.1. Valley remains closed in winters and other than a few landslides in monsoons, it is easily accessible.2.In summers,the daylight hours are pleasantly cold requiring light woolens and at night the temperature drops to 3-5 degrees.ACCOMMODATIONS – There are several hotels and tent accommodations in the valley.Sangla hotels-mount kailash (07186- 242527),prakash hotel(01786-242218)Rakchham hotels-rupin river view hotel-highly recommended (01786-244225, 09816686789).,Igloo nature camp (08420285900)Chitkul hotels- Panchali hotel   (9903154295),Alpine hotel(09805977268)TRAVEL HACKS1. Hotels in Chitkul are a bit expensive,so it is advisable to stay at sangla or rakchham and start an early day halt to chitkul returning back by evening.2.Tented accommodations are expensive too so you may look up to homestays.3.woolen clothes are a must,strolling and trying tukkpas are suggestible.4.Use airtel or bsnl sim cards.DECODING THE TRIP(Choose the stop-bys as preferable)Day 1-Delhi to shimla(7hrs)/delhi to narkanda(10hrs) night stay.Day 2-Shimla to sangla valley(13hrs)arkanda to sangla valley(10hrs) night stay.Day 3-Explore rakchham and chitkul and hike down to river beds and meadows.Day 4-Sangla valley to delhi(20-21hrs)ORDay4-you may head off to kalpa for a view of  kinner kailash;) by taking up the bifurcated road to recong peo and stay in kalpa at night or return back to Delhi the same day if you want.(Chitkul-kalpa-delhi:23hrs)
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Best time to visit - January,February,March,April,May,June,October,November,December
Delhi to Narkanda (420 kms)Everyone was itching to escape the dreadful heat of Delhi and get some respite in the sedative ambiance of the hills. And hey presto, as soon as we entered the ghats, the weather turned misty and greeted us with incredible spectacle:


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