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Lets start our Ajmer Tour, Cradled by the Aravali ranges, Ajmer is well known for its Dargah Sharif of Saint Moinuddin Chishti.

Ajmer has also witnessed the exquisite Mughal architecture bound in an aura of peace and spirituality. Pushkar rajasthan is well known for its Lord Brahmas ancient temple with its 52 Ghats. All these 52 Ghats are the best options for local Sightseeing.

A quick two days Ajmer Tour, Pushkar Rajasthan from Delhi was an excellent decision for a quiet, spiritual vacation.

I had always handled my own booking, of- course with a little help of my three friends. They helped in taking away the headache that came with planning a trip.

It took us almost seven hours to reach Ajmer from Delhi via our own car. We decided to make an overnight journey and arrived at Ajmer in the morning around 5.00.

Hotels in Ajmer are so welcoming, after checking in we went to for breakfast.

Relishing The Rajasthani Delicacies

We were really impressed with the luxury we received. The hotel was well maintained with food was just awesome.

After our breakfast, we rested for a while, then decided to go for Ajmer Sightseeing.

Things we carried

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Historically famous Ajmer Sarif Dargah, the most important shrines of the Sufis, get respects from all over the world. It's said to be Shrine Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti and build by Mugal emperor Shah Jahan. A guard of Ajmer Taragarh Fort was once the home of famous Prithviraj Chauhan. A few kilometres circumference walls add majestic look into the mountain. Adhai din ka Jhopda was a Sanskrit Vidyalaya, has turned into a mosque by Mughal emperor. Its differently intricately designed columns support the roof and are the best example of architecture.

Pushkar Rajasthan is a citadel of lakes and Ghats.

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Pushkar lake has special value among spiritual travellers and considered as a holy place as of of the Tirthas. Feel and worship the creator of the universe 'Lord Vishnu'.

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It has believed that the Jagatpita Brahma Mandir which located here, is chosen as a place by Lord Brahma himself. This temple has considered as the only Brahma temple in the world, owing to the curse of Savitri(Saraswati), and as the "King of the sacred places of the Hindus". Behind the Ratnagiri, find the most visited temple in the city 'Savitri Temple'. The most visited temple dedicated to Goddess Savitri.

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Raja Maan Singh has built a magnificent Man Mahal. Man Mahal that is famous for its unique Rajasthani Architecture.

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While exploring the city, we felt the unique Rajasthani Architecture and craft almost everywhere.

This Ajmer Tour has become the most memorable and spiritual tour with the beauty and royal presence.

Nearby Places : Jaipur to Pushkar Rajasthan - 149.2 km (2HRS Approx.), Ajmer to Pushkar Rajasthan - 15.2km (Approx. 37 min)